One of papa's toys

This 'bent I built about 3 years ago. Had intended to give it to one of my grandsons, but he was two inches too tall. Not much room for a motor without some serious surgery. As fast as it is now, I'd probably land in the hoosecow halfway through the first tank. Weighs 24 pounds.

Looks like a J.C Higgins with a springer. I wish we had open spaces out here, I hate blacktop. I had fields to play in when I was a kid, my children never had any just blacktop. Have fun, Dave.

PS: 1949 was a good year.
Recycled Recumbent! I've built a few,and love'em wish I would have kept one or two :(
Old bike, and young kid

Hi Papa! Seems mom and dad spent some real money, cause it looks to me like they bought thier lil boy a 24" Schwinn DX maybe about a 1952 model??? And they spent the extra for the Knee-Action Springer! did it have the key? Wonder where that lil bike is today?