"one of those fer nawthern"-bike rental company uses MB's

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    Saw this article from Portsmouth....interested folks could go to this guys place and experience the "grin factor" right away, see what we all are talking about.

    He also might be contacted about joining MB.com, the article has his e mail and website:

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  2. RusticoRay

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    What a great add on to a bicycle rental outfit. I think it's Portsmouth N.H. great seacoast and Lobsta.
  3. bamabikeguy

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    New Hampshire, Rhode Island....one of those fer nawthern places....

    I know what threw me, I was just in Texas and there was a blurb that said if the US was full of states the size of Rhode Island, there would be 6,309 stars on the flag.

    I changed the title, it din't take. So what happened after that is ALL TOM'S FAULT !!
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    Better? :whistling:
  5. Wanderlust

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    Wanderlust Bikes

    This is Dan, owner of Wanderlust Bike Rentals. Thanks for mentioning the article here guys.

    If anyone is in the Portsmouth, NH area, stop by, lets go for a ride.
    I am just getting started with the motored bikes so I may have some questions as well. Although I have to say, so far, I have pretty much found an answer for all my questions by searching the forums, or least have been pointed in the right direction.

    Anyway, I'll be updating my website and posting some pics of the motored bikes.

    If there are any NH members around, get in touch.

    BTW, I wrote the DMV in New Hampshire and the DMV in NH will not register a motored bike as a moped anymore. It is a "motor-driven cycle". You can pedal it, therefore they say you do not register it, you do not need a drivers license, you must obey the rules of the road as a bicyclist.
  6. mlcorson

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    How many motored bikes are in your stable? Brand, etc. How is the maintenance on them? Any problems keeping them running? I would think numerous naive users could be an issue.
  7. Happy Valley

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    Or not so naive users......ever hear the expression 'beaten like a rental car'?
  8. msaxton

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    I would think that the insurance would be kinda high on renting MB's but maybe no more than regular bike rentals, had some thoughts about doing it here, we have a lot of hills, HMMM something to think about
  9. Wanderlust

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    Hi guys. We have 5 to 6 motorized bikes in service at a time. Usually one is pulled out of rotation for personal use or tune up. I am using the skyhawk engines. Like I said earlier somewhere...I'm new to the MB thing...but overall, it's a very simple engine, but there are a lot of little nuances and I'm constantly discovering something subtle and new with these. The forums have been a wealth of info.

    We are a bit discriminatory, (in a friendly way), about who we let ride the MB's. It's a pretty easy judgment call to make actually. The MB's are fully insured as a rental vehicle, a policy was written for us that categorizes them akin to a moped or scooter. The insurance is also very reasonable. My GL insurance is more than the MB insurance...go figure.

    The biggest issue it seems is getting new people to realize that a little choke adjustment makes all the difference when starting them and getting them going.

    There are some other little frustrations, but when you step back and remind yourself what they are, it's not that big of deal. At least that's what I keep trying to tell myself...


  10. Skyliner70cc

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    You are a brave person. I wouldn't rent a bike with only a coaster brake since they are prone to failure. I would also be afraid to rent with a manual clutch since that is foreign to many and I'd go the centrifugal clutch route.

    Do you limit speed on your bikes in anyway by sprocket size?
  11. arceeguy

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    Good to know that the Grubee Skyhawks are up to the rigors of a rental fleet!

    Just goes to show you that once they are set up right, they can be reliable.