One pope to go and hold the fries

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    When cardinal Joe Ratzinger was chosen (who just retired) many Catholics breathed a sigh of relief that the prophecy of Malachy was finally broken.

    The cryptic prophecies were a brief description of each pope from Malachy to the last pope.

    Ratzinger was number 111 out of 112 total popes.
    It said about #111- "The glory of the olive".

    The relief was short lived when Ratzinger chose the title (name) of Benedict, and people figured out that the Benedictine order has the symbol of the olive.

    The final pope is described by St. Malachy as Peter the Roman, who will guide his flock in time of tribulation and after which, the city of seven hills (Rome) will be destroyed & the dreadful judge will judge his people.

    It is interesting that this description matches part of the book of Revelation describing the city of 7 hills being destroyed by the antichrist.

    A very detailed discussion is here-

    One leading contender for the next pope is cardinal Peter Turkson from Africa. Note the name "Peter" and the "Turk" in his surname- alluding him to Islam (Turkey is Muslim).

    It is interesting that the antichrist is a partialy black man while his likely companion (the false prophet of Revelation) will be fully black.
    Anyone who currently speaks to expose the impostor (right now) is labeled "racist", therefore, the same restraint will be against those speaking against the false prophet to come.

    Note also that John the Baptist was a cousin of Jesus- linked by race. Therefore, the false Messiah and false Prophet are linked by race.

    Here is a revelatory post about both of these guys-

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    I find this kind of thing very, very interesting. Please post many more details and give all of your insight.
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    Another co-incidence.

    During this time that the cardinals are SEQUESTERED away in the Vatican (home of the pope),no visitors are allowed.
    The administration of O has also closed the White House (home of O) to visitors.

    Sources are citing the recent Congressional SEQUESTER promoted by O as the reason.

    (However,the White House guides are unpaid volunteers, apparently the pres. is trying to inflict maximum pain because of the sequester action.
    No suggestions have been made of trimming the merriment and travel expenses of 27 million per month that the Obamas enjoy.)
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    Fabian, you might be interested in some of the sources I view. ( Rapture- focused prophetic) (international intelligence based in Israel)

    A lot is on

    Lord of the flies
    Phil Valentine on who is Obama? pts,1 & 2.
    Pastor Manning Obama is the antichrist.
    You might find fascinating- Interview with Dr. David Owuor (David is the real thing- I think I mentioned him in the antichrist post).