One project spawns another

Gear Dog

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2:35 PM
May 22, 2008
My friend is getting a motor kit and wants me to install it for him but he hasn't ordered it yet. Well now I'm thinking I can do a low buck build from parts in my garage. I have a craftsman 25cc motor and I just picked up a BMX style bike for free. Looking through my garage I found a child seat that mounts to the rear hub and seat post. It will be chain driven but I will be mounting the engine over the the wheel instead of in the frame. I've been lurking here for a while and have some idea of what I need to make this happen. I'm thinking a 11 tooth and a 44 tooth sprocket with a rag joint adapter. I'm going to see if I can source the sprockets from somewhere else before having to buy them.

This will be strictly for kicks because it just isn't practical fro me to commute anywhere with the bike. Besides I have a motorcycle in the garage if I need a 2 wheel fix.