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  1. Im looking for info on how to mount two rear wheel pedal sprockets next to each other with enough room for the two chains , on the end of a Three pce BB shaft , this is so I can run two chains with a mid point for the double sprocket as low as possible , this will allow me to mount my engine quite a bit lower in the frame
    I have seen this or similar done on burritos and choppers , hope some one can give me some advice .

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    two cogs

    like this ?

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  3. Thats the sprocket set up I had in mind . but would that work for my application ? looks like a nice bit of equipment .I dont need to put anything on the end , the pedal crank is forward of this .
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    there track cogs that screw onto that bizo on the right that can be welded onto anything . Or could you use a rear axle ?
    not 100% clear on your setup :thinking:
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    Is that the thing that screws into the bottom bracket? I'm trying to do something similar on a Nu Vinci.....as soon as I figure out how to get the freewheel off. :confused:
  6. Whatever works ,I weld so thats no prob , I thought a three pce BB would be the tidiest to put the cogs on , and I can put the BB wherever it should go ,I think directly under the engine in my case .
    my setup is a chain off the pedal crank to the twin cog in the middle of the existing chain length ,then chain 2 to back wheel , its all just to lower my pedal chain line . no motor connection , thats on the other side as per usual.
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    they are the old coder pin crank cups same thread as free-wheel 1.375" x 24 tpi
  8. Coaster Hub

    I was thinking about cogs again , I put two Coaster cogs together with the offset on each facing the other , put them on the drive , Ill have to spot weld them on without the snap ring , put the hub back together without the drive ball and brake shoes and I have a nice compact idler to run the two chains like I wanted .
    Ill post photos when I have worked out how to fit it .