Chain Tensioner One Tensioner Solution

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    I thought I'd post a solution that I have come up with that is cheap and easy. My bike is awesome and dependable, but I've always had chain tensioner problems.I had one go through the rear wheel and wreck me at 30mph!After six different designs and reconfigurations i have finally come up with a good answer to the problem. Find an old STEEL derailer. Put a small bend in the spring loaded arm and mount your tensioner wheel to it.Then, depending on your mount, add a second spring to add more tension. I have mine mounted so you can put a turn in the spring to add tension, or take a turn out for distance riding.Problems solved. My bike runs better and smoother and I can ride in confidance knowing that the tensioner will never slip.Photo attached.Cheers!

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  2. jroyse

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    chain fix?

    can you post some pictures? My chain tensioner is driving me crazy. Can't ride the bike more than 5 minutes without losing tension.
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    I'm trying to do this myself at the moment, couldn't get the standard HT kit-supplied chain tensioner arm to bolt the derailleur to the frame, was too wide with the derailer in between the top of it.

    Just wondering how exactly you mounted yours, a bit hard to tell from the photos.
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    how about a little darker i cant see
  6. lazydog

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    better pics, not crappy phone. and needless new expansion chamber pic

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    I see now, you drilled a hole. . Guess I might have to as well, having no luck with U-bolts.
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    hey lazydog, how do you like that pipe? i have the same one, just set up different, My bike sounds like a little dirt bike, its cool.

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  9. lazydog

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    I love it, still trying work out the best header length and location. Kinda awkward to mount. The power band is amazing. it's almost the entire RPM range. Just makes the motor seem bigger. And it does sound pretty F'in cool![\url]
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    Good job, man!:grin5:
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    Looks like that would be a good addition for motorbikes with rear suspension.
  12. Fabian

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    I love the look of this expansion chamber and how it's setup on the bike - very, very nice.

    I would do something similar in a heartbeat if i could get away with it in Victoria (Australia).