One Year Warranty

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  1. milegajo

    milegajo Member are now offering ONE YEARS WARRANTY ON ALL ENGINES AND FULLY FITTED BIKES. Time we think for a vendor to retain some accountability for their product. We have faith in our engines...
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  2. Pablo

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    WOW that is awesome!!
  3. Mountainman

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    best warranty that I have seen so far
    wish more would or could do the same

    best of luck wished

    by MM
  4. milegajo

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    We hope this will not only set a trend, but a standard. Not being rude but most customers have problems through inexperience and 9/10 if a part fails on these engines, its simple to repair/replace without grovelling to the factory. That is the beauty of the 2 stroke added to the punch it packs compared to the bulky four strokes.Sure maybe it'll cost us here and there, but in the grand scheme of things it will make all vendors more cash through consumer confidence. thanks for the kind words, hopefully it won't be long before the others follow suit, we only wish we were in the US so you guys could benefit.