Only alternative is electric bike if I'm not legit in petty SoCal

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    The laws are as strict and the cops are as petty where I live as anywhere in the U.S. I have a suspended drivers license. After seeing all the cool pics and reading many interesting posts, I got all jazzed about motorizing a bicycle. But I think when it comes to gas motors, I'll eventually wind up with a citation and a court date, and then never get my license back. I get the feeling it would just be opening a can of worms. This entire summer I've never seen a single bicycle with a gas motor on the road. That can't be a good sign! Sorry about being negative, but I'm just trying to be realistic...Well , for those lucky enough to be able to, enjoy your riding. Guess I'll look into electric bikes, ha, ha...

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    busted in CALI

    I thought that most distributers would not even sell to california addresses. There is no way with emmissions testing they will ever let you register it in CA. IN OR its a pain but possible in WA too. AZ is the best with the least hassles. To bad but I think you are destined to be a law breaker if you ride a 2 stroke in CAL.
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    The problem is not the legality of gas powered bikes here in Calif. They are legal and you can get the license even on a bike equipped with a HT 2-stroke. The problem for Grubee Newbie is the fact that with a gas motor you do have to have a valid Calif. Drivers License with at least an M2 endorsment to operate it. With an electric motor no license is required for either the bike or the rider.

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    It requires the same MC endorsment on your lisence in OR for any over 49cc but you must still "show us your papres" get an electric they are exempt from any requirments here as well under 1000w. good luck.
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    The problem with electrics is the cost attributed with them....
    5x's the cost for the same abilities.
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    The electric bike will be just perfect . BUT , you will have to ride close to the shoulder so as not to get hit by Arnolds Hummer on the way to the airport where he and Al Bore will jump into a private jet and fly somewhere and tell people that they must learn how to walk to work . It's for the enviornment you know .
    As far as carrying the book , you have 2 options . You must have written down somewhere "chapter and verse" since the cops have the book with them . If you get a hassle demand a supervisor . He WILL have the book . If it goes that far and the Sup. let's you go just say "Thank you gentlemen" or some such . Don't give them any smart mouth . This will only lead to "winning the battle BUT losing the war".If it happens again then you need to start some kind of proceedings .Your 4th Ammendment rights have been violated .
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