Only Australians know how to do a decent burnout

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Fabian, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Fabian

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  2. bobo333

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    Ive seen lots of videos on youtube calling out other countries to do a decent burnout but no one seems to be able to... Us aussies simply are the best at frying tires!
  3. Fabian

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    You would think that the "burnout" would be the exclusive home of Americans, with their abundant quantity of big capacity V8's and relative cheap fuel (compared to the rest of the world) and cheap cars (compared to the rest of the world) and i would also suspect tyres to be less expensive because of the sheer volume of production that comes with a country having almost 15 times the population of Australia.

    Back in the Good'Ol'Days we used to drop huge stationary burnouts at the local McDonalds and KFC carpark, just to warm up the tyres and improve road holding ability of steel belted rubber - it was all in the name of safety.
    The Bob Jane "all-rounder" had the best tyre smell and really took punishment like a champ. It also seemed to improve the flavour of the burgers, by dangling them outside the car window.
  4. Fabian

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    Oh Yeah Baby, one tough HQ !!!
    He should have made a more conservative start - the tyres would have lasted longer :evilgrin:

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  5. bobo333

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    Hell yeah! thats mental i hadnt seen that one till now :O

    ive been to Gazzanats in Adelaide a few times, the pro's really know what theyre doing when it comes to killing tyres spectacularly!
  6. LR Jerry

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    I guess you can't get NASCAR in Australia.
  7. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    I do like the Nascar format but when was the last time you seen a Nascar equipped with a 500+ cubic inch V8 with a whopping supercharger sticking out of the bonnet, pumping out 2,000 horsepower; beating on the rear tyres to the point of spontaneousness combustion (which Mythbusters said was impossible), then almost predictably showering the crowd with stove hot rubber and fragmented engine internals.

    For a whole week afterwards all you can taste is burnt engine oil and tyre smoke in the back of your throat and the sport a few (skin) burn marks from flying molten rubber, ejected into the crowd by an massively angry V8 engine intent on inflicting war crimes against poor defenseless tyres.
    A person can have not even the slightest form of comprehension as to such an awesome spectacle, which is the second greatest event one can hope to aspire to, next to becoming Dr Evil's protege.
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    We have V8 Supercars instead, they have corners that go both ways...

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  9. Fabian

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    Bathurst used to be good until they wrecked the event,neutering the spirit of place by trying to make it a "family event".

    Back in the Good'Ol'Days it was a wild place to be up at the top of the mountain with the bikie gangs taking on the police; once burning down the police station in protest of unfair police tactics.
    They've effectively banned the doughy pit by disallowing unregistered junkyard cars from being trailered to the top of the mountain, to be ceremoniously set on fire when the car bits the dust in the doughy pit.

    Bathurst is no longer what it used to be, though i'm glad i still have photos of the good times back in my younger days when in 1995 a record 15 cars were burnt on Saturday and 4 cars were burnt on Sunday.
    That was a wild, wild weekend - fights, booze, hooliganism - men doing what they do best and not a police officer in sight, not to mention background scenery of cars set on fire with exploding tyres and fuel tanks for aural and visual entertainment as well as rolls of toilet paper soaked in petrol; set on fire and thrown back and forth amongst the crowd - awesome stuff when half a dozen of the things were flying about and they made a unique sound when incoming.

    On the Sunday i happened to bump into a news reporter from Italy (who travelled to every motorsport event on the globe) and made mention that there was no other event on the planet like the Bathurst 1000 weekend; making comment that stuck in my head to this day: Going to Bathurst is like seeing the end of the world.

    Bathurst weekend is no longer what it used to be - non of us have been there since 1998 when they tried to make the race the main event.
  10. bobo333

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    Yeah ive heard many stories and seen some photos of the glory days of bathurst, i wish i was old enough to go back then it would have been great fun, i went to phillip island for the moto GP a few years ago and they had a similar campground area but much much more tame (fireworks and burnouts on bikes and campfires instead of burning cars and throwing firebombs at each other) was great fun though!
  11. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately those days are gone and will never be repeated, particularly with the rise of the machines watching all and identifying everyone. A small drone flying overhead could identify everyone in the crowd and in a matter of weeks all those participating in any activity the government deems illegal would be prosecuted.

    The days of an event set aside for free and unbridled hooliganism are over - the tide has turned and it will never go back to what it was.
    It's a bit like the 1960's in America and the 1970's in Australia - a great time where overly oppressive government control and surveillance was tame compared to what it is now and what it will become.

    When i was at Mt Panorama (Bathurst) in the early and mid 90's i knew it was the tail end of a very special time - you could already feel the noose of constriction being tightened against the masculine aspect of simply being "male".

    I'll try and dig up some photos of what it was like back in the Good'Ol'Days up the top of the mountain; and the real reason why people made the annual pilgrimage to Mt Panorama.
  12. bobo333

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    amen to that, sad times ahead...

    with any luck one day the tide will turn and people will be allowed to have fun again, i doubt it will be in our lifetime though
  13. chad

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    When I first saw your thread I said to myself "America is muscle cars, and no one does it bigger or better than America. "
    So I looked around on youtube for an American burnout, but then I watched your video.

    I must say it was impressive, those Australians are burnout professionals. It appears that Australians have perfected the art of burnouts, and I don't see how anyone could do it better.

    I did notice a youtube video "worlds largest 69 car burnout", and I thought America had Australia beat. But then I noticed the video was made in Australia.

    My national pride has me thinking of cruel things to say about Australia. But after considering the total professionalism of those burnouts, I am forced to hold back any insults. I take off my hat to Australia's burnout professionals.

    But if you Australians show Australia is better than America in other sporting events (this American is gonna get upset, and start a Australia/USA rivalry.)

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  14. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Those guys are true professionals - what other form of motor sport is funded by individuals without sponsorship, who are prepared to take a $100,000 engine and throw pistons and conrods out the side of the block (and they do), just to try and make it into the semi finals.
  15. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Americans definitely need to get their act together:

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  16. Fabian

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    This guy has a burnout pad in his back yard, and next to his house.

    It's also how we make clouds in Australia.

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  17. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    This is cringe worthy viewing.

    Americans have no idea; they couldn't do a decent burnout to save their lives.
    It's so utterly embarrassing to watch:

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  18. bobo333

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    im so glad im not an american sometimes...

    Even when we screw up its still a better skid than any of those :p
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  19. darwin

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    Only thing wrong with aussie burnouts is you guys do them in reverse, just like how your johns flush. Must have something to do with being in the southern hemisphere.
  20. Fabian

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