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    I like all things bike. Mostly I am interested in putting a motor on a utility bike build, which is why I'm here. Trying to beat the oil corps for grocery runs, not long distances, here in hilly Ohio.
    I find Whizzers attractive. I used to know someone who had about 5 Whizzers and I fell in love with the concept.
    Yep, I lived for the day my toys broke so I could take them apart.... er...aaaaaaaaa..fix them.

    See ya in the forums.

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    Thanks for the welcome and the thread links. I know your right about changing my mind. This site is awsome. There is soooooo much info. I guess the point is to build a bike and if I want another or modify. I can already see I will have to try both electric and gas. Anybody know how easy it is to sell a build, so you can start another?
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    selling a build

    Hi this is the link to do that.. but I would break it in first which is the 500 miles just cruizin to work the bugs out of it cuz trust me they are full of em...but your enthusiasm rocks...ciao