Only off throttle, it's 4 stoking?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by geebt48cc, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. geebt48cc

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    When not using throttle, it's 4 stoking during ride?

    The 66cc Skyhawk is doing great with only 50/miles. Thick 16:1 break in, but just trying to figure out why I'm 4 stroking when only off throttle? Everytime I give it throttle, it runs very well with good power. I've been plug chopping, and color is right where it should be at tan.

    Any ideas? PS: .....needle is on third from top do to putting free flow air filter on.
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  2. wackey101

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    hey just play around put it higher blunt end leaner sharp end richer
  3. professor

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    You might leave it alone for now. I remember a post here saying four stroking on light cruise is normal. That is how my Toro 2 stroke snowblower runs.
  4. Hammond Egger

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    Put about another 150 miles on it and change your ratio to 40:1, then start trying to tune it.