Ontario......What has been your experience with riding motorized bikes in Ontario?


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Apr 15, 2024
Hey everyone,

I've been considering using my BT100 bike for general commuting in Ontario, Canada but I'm a bit concerned about the legal side of things. I've heard conflicting information about how the police treat motorized bikes around here.

Some people have said that as long as it's under a certain engine size or speed, the police generally don't bother with them. Others have warned about potential fines or even confiscation if caught riding one without proper licensing or registration.

So, I'm reaching out to the community to get some clarity. What has been your experience with riding motorized bikes in Ontario? Have you had any encounters with the cops regarding their use? Do you think the police generally care about them, or do they turn a blind eye? I live in Durham Region.

You're talking Ontario Canada right? I'd assume so, but I just have to check since I live one town kver from Ontario Oregon in the US lol
If you read my post above your Gordy, you would know we are both talking about Ontario Province in Canada...lol.

There is no such place called Ontario Province in the USA...lol.

I also referred to @Street Ryderz who we all know is also Canadian...lol.
From the country side of the west coast of Canada, Not sure about the specific laws but just peddle at all times, don't do silly things and you should be ok.

I wouldn't push my luck in the big cities. My two bits worth with inflation isn't worth much.