Ontario......What has been your experience with riding motorized bikes in Ontario?

If you read my post above your Gordy, you would know we are both talking about Ontario Province in Canada...lol.

There is no such place called Ontario Province in the USA...lol.

I also referred to @Street Ryderz who we all know is also Canadian...lol.
There's also a fair group of British Columbia residents here, seems the lawless West Coast of Canada has pretty lenient IC powered bike laws.
In B.C. our gas powered bikes are totally illegal in that province of Canada.
Although the changes made in October 2022 are quite clear on uninsured gas motor assisted bikes, the new rules also made most of the E-bikes on the road illegal as well.

E-bikes must be peddled to a speed of 3km an hour before the motor can engage and once peddling stops the motor must disengage.

Note: I'll have to get back on that as they have made some amendments to the rules. At first glance they have changed the rules on E-bikes to allow throttling from a stop.

I'll see if they have done anything this the gas bike rules.
Not Ontario but here is the latest and greatest for BC. Riding a gas bike is committing an offence. I say don't flaunt it, make it quiet, peddle all the time and hope for the best. Lol.


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Im in southern ontario, pretty rural, and the OPP have just flew by me without barely even looking. All depends on your locale. A poster here from London has had issues in the past but from what i remember all charges were tossed by the judge in the end. Take that for whats its worth
I've noticed the odd gas bike around here. The riders were doing just that. Riding. Not making an attempt to pedal. Other than that, who knows?
You pays your money, you takes your chances.

How's this for a spiel:
Just trying to reduce my carbon foot print and can't afford a ebike and I am too old and done it to pedal it up the hills.
I keep telling you guys, we are NOT old...We are merely Chronologically Gifted is all...lol.
Call it what you will. Some of us belong to the O.L.D club. Doesn't mean we are down and out but there comes a time when we are too old to rock and roll but too young to die. Jethro Tull had it figured.

Sorry for being a downer , tonight was tough to see old pals coming to the end of the run.