oog want old bike, but me no find

Firebikes has probably the sexiest new bicycle available today, I've heard that you might be able to get them with motor mounts for a Chinese engine. Vintage straight bar "tank bicycles" or "motor bikes" which were bicycles styled after motorcycles around that time are a bit hard to find. They are very collectible thus quite expensive. The tank unit alone can also be hard to find and very expensive. I too was looking for one to make into a motorbike but finding one in bad enough condition and a common model was quite a chore. The cheapy way is to find a womens cruiser, remove the top most frame tube and weld on the top tube of your choice.
.I collect vintage bikes from the 30's 40's and 50's and have a couple JC Higgens bikes I'd be willing to sell for $125 each plus shipping.
Dude I got this one for sale localy for 600.
your looking at 40's 43-48 the rack is incorrect I believe. The tank and front light are very hard to come by so I think you got a good buy I have some strut bars for the front possibly. The chain ring doesn't look right either
thats going to be sweet, loco 8) 8) . i posted this back in april, but since then my finances have gone south :censored: , so i guess i'm no longer looking for a vintage bike :cry: