OOPS! face on fire


Apr 24, 2007
My buddy, demon, had a party last weekend. He had Paco (firedancer) and Killjoy (firebreather and glutton for punishment) :LOL:entertain us.
Paco went first. Using metal balls attached to long chains, and filled with flammables, his twisting, turning and jumping proved that he is a Master of his Art.:cool:
Killjoy went next. HUGE plumes of fire eminated from his face. :eek:KillJoy is the broher of Satan:devilish:, both shown in this link, at an earlier Suspension Show.
Anyhoo, some of the flammable fluid dripped down his bearded chin, and when the wick got to it KA-WHUMP! :eek::eek:haha.
Luckily, dude was standing Fire Marshal, with a wet towel.
Killjoy came out of the house 10minutes later. Face hairless. Burned half, shaved the rest :LOL:.
Using this software, uploading pics when telling a story is pretty much useless, so here's the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/10760664@N04/


to quote George The Painter, from his latest article in 'The Horse Backstreet Choppers' magazine, "Of course I got it to go out, that isn't the first time I've caught my face on fire...!" LOL Awesome stuff there, thanks for sharing!