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Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by Bill Snow, May 29, 2007.

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  1. Bill Snow

    Bill Snow Guest


    This is a Infinity with underseat stearing and using a Golden Eagle bicycle engine. I put this together a few years ago and what a ride it turned out to be.

    Because I was sitting so close to the street and very little obstruction ahead, it gave me the feeling of flying low. I can tell you, it took some getting used to but a very comfortable ride that was best for open road distant riding.

    The drawback for me was around town. As much as I tried I just could not feel safe trying to maneuver in tight traffic, but other than that it is a neat setup.

  2. OldPete

    OldPete Guest

    Close ups of the engine area please.
    What engine and what mpg are you getting? GEBE has a review on a recumbent w/windshield getting 300mpg. Is that you?
    What speed is it geared for? How were/are you treated by the lycra guys?

    Oh! Hi! Thanks for posting Bill Snow. :D
  3. Bill Snow

    Bill Snow Guest

    Hi Pete

    There are a few pictures of my bikes on the Golden Eagle website under " Bill in California", but the 300 mpg is not me. I have never got around to checking the gas mileage on any of my bikes, but whatever it is I can ride all day on about a quart of gas and usually have some left over (I have a remote tank that holds about a quart). The engine is a Remax/Zenoah 25cc and have what they call "hill climber" gearing but still will go over 30mph. I think the Golden Eagle set up beats them all. I have had several different bike engines over the years and while it does not look as slick as the the chinese or Whizzer, it's much smoother, good quality, very reliable and the people at Golden Eagle are some of the best to deal with.

    Never have problems with anyone, just a lot of attention and questions.

    The only improvement is, I could use a little more power on some of the steeper hills but a little serious pedaling does the job.

    Thank you Pete for showing interest.

    Best Regards

    Bill Snow
  4. OldPete

    OldPete Guest

    I talked to Dennis today(5/30/07) and got my ducks in a row.
    I'm going Robin/Subaru 35cc on a HT MTB.

    In spite of what you say prolly being true, I would not mind a 4 stroke in-frame bike.
    I thought of looking for a longer belt and do a GEBE in-frame, might weld in a jack shaft mount before paint. Just dreamin'.
  5. Bill Snow

    Bill Snow Guest

    I agree with you Pete about the 4 stroke in frame engine. I am thinking of putting together another motorized bike and also was receintly in touch with Julia at Golden Eagle. I maybe interested in the 4 stroke 35cc and try another recumbent installation. In this type of bike I can set their engine fairly low and almost out of sight. Recumbents are not for everybody and I will have to give it more thought before I do it again.

    Will be interesting to see what you end up with.
  6. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest


    i looked at this topic a few times and was never inspired to post, i couldn't tell you why, it just didn't "do it" for me or something.

    while i was out riding today, i spotted a coupla older dudes who are known on the peninsula for their radically efficient recumbants. i look forward to the day when i can spend some time getting to know those guys.

    and i've been posting about different genres and individuality, blah blah...

    then it hit me
    damn-betcha!! i'd love to give that motoredbike a spin, i bet it's tons-o-fun :D

    thanks for posting her up for us 8)
  7. Bill Snow

    Bill Snow Guest

    I understand what you saying Augi. When I first started looking into recumbents and rode a couple they didn't do much for me either and I'm not sure they do much for me even to this day.

    I am just one of those guy's that like the unusal or just something different and collect the expierence. I took the motor off, sold the bike and put the motor on a standard bike which I get a lot more use out of. I still have a little interest in putting together another recumbent of a different design but not sure that I will do it.

    I just posted the picture because it is something different and am not offended in the least that there maybe low interest.

    Thank you for making the nice comments Augi, I appreciate it.

    Best Regards

    Bill Snow
  8. New Member

    Did you consider using a Tandem Left Crank with gear and running a couple gear reducers 6.5/1 From 8 Tooth and 52 Tooth gears running the chain up to the front to power the left side of the main crank. I rode an Infinity thousands of miles, years a go. I now built an Infinity look a like. But I need assistance on the hills. I have a Honda 35x motor I am going to use.

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