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    First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Second, I would like your opinion on the frame modification this guy did to his bike. It looks like he cut the seat stay tubes on his cruiser frame just past the seat tube, then substituted a new single straight tube in their place. I like it, I think it looks good (better if those cut off ends were taken care of), but I'm wondering if there are any strength considerations here.
    Here's the link:

    Scroll down for the pics.

    Third, does anyone know what type/thickness of metal is used for the frame tubes on the Huff Cranberry, I mean Cranbrook?

    Have a good holiday ya'll!
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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    From the looks of those forks, that might be a Cranbrook. I can't tell you anything about what kind of steel they use. But it'll be surprisingly thin when you cut into it.

    Assuming that guy did his welding properly, then I wouldn't worry about the strength of his mods. Though I might ride the bike gently, just in case.
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    There are several machine shops and race car fab shops around here that I could choose from to do the welding. I thought it would be good to give them a heads up as to the tubing thickness. I guess I could just tell them that it's thin.
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    I cut them up all the time ,its chrome molley tubing but I use old bikes I cut up and high strength steel to weld in spots too ,I do it to stretch the frames for more room.i like 4.5hp or 5 hp snow blower engines it run's way better and lighter too.plus it has a pull starter and I don't use peddles

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