Opinions Please! --->Impakt BMX HD Bicycle with Sidecar "3 Wheel Trike"

Discussion in 'Motorized Trikes' started by occchopperfl, Jul 10, 2010.

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    The HT motors we use on these MB's have just enough power for one rider. You try 2 riders and it's going to be way under powered, in my opinion.
    Also, that bike is going to be way to wide to ride on the street.
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    How large are you? That's a mighty small bike. A Staton kit with at least a Mitsu TLE 43 would be my recomendation.
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    samoan large. 200lbs.

    I thought this would have been a really cool build. So far, not so much excitement from the posts. Thank you for your candid responses though. :)

    If anyone has done this build, please share with the forum.

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    I haven't done the build, but I'll tell you what I'd do were I intending to do so.

    I'd modify that front angled riser tube into a "bow front", and articulate the attachment to the bicycle proper. Then I'd "rack mount" a Titan or equivalent engine on the articulated subframe and run my power loop through an inboard GEBE ring with the engine actually forward of the sidecar wheel, not above it.

    Something similar to this,but a much more upright riding position.

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    Thank you all for sharing.
    Gives me more ideas to think through. :)