opti 2 100:1 mix

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  1. marc

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    do any of you guys run opi 2? and what do you think of it? i have read alot of posts on the outher forum,and most have very good things to say.i would like to hear what ya,all have to say. i have been useing it from day one and im sold on it good stuff no smoke and plenty of power.

  2. V 35

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    Being very conservative, I run Opti 2 in * all * my 2 cycle engines. Since the China Girl's are known for funky break in, I add some 2 stroke oil, or some 30 WT Castrol,
    to the fuel, for extra break in lubrication. My fully broken in 80cc runs straight Opti 2,
    runs great, plug = nice coffee color [ good ] The chemistry of Opti 2 is interesting, basiclly, the oil is attracted to heat, the exact opposite of regular oil.
  3. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Active Member

    Yesterday was my first tank mixed w/Opti-2.

    Too early to say how the engine's running.
  4. motorpsycho

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    I've never heard of opti-2
  5. marc

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  6. geebt48cc

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    What, is it just another synthetic????????????? I'm using Amsoil Dom. 3oz a gallon. 50:1

    Really, just asking?
  7. marc

    marc New Member

    chek out the web site its a semisynthetic
  8. Barnfresh

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    Where on their website do you see a reference to the Opti-2 pre-mix being semi-synthetic? I got the impression that Opti-2 is a petroleum based non-synthetic formula.
  9. marc

    marc New Member

    my bad it says it on the bottle.i really thought tat it said it on the web sit allso.butt i could be rong.butt it dos say it on the bottel.im sitting hear with it in my hand reading it. good stuff
  10. Barnfresh

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    Thanks marc, what size bottle do you have and does it say anywhere on the bottle injector oil? I believe you know best since you have bottle in hand, but I have yet to see for myself anywhere Opti claims their 2 cycle pre-mix is synthetic or a synthetic blend.
  11. I believe it is a organic type of oil . the whole mystique about this oil is that it can be used with any type of machine that is a 2 stroke . allegedly it does not matter if the 2 stroke recommends 50: 1 40: 1 70: 1 30 :1 excetra . supposedly has supreme lubrication properties that will allow it to be straight 100 to 1 mix . I have a friend that runs this and he runs it is this chinese 2 stroke engines which I think is crazy but he has run it for over 2 years without any problems . all of his chrome plating is a cylinder is toast and his engine keeps on going which may not happen if he was using other types of oil. as for myself I am personally sold on it I am going to finish off my redmax synthetic and move over to opti-2
  12. Barnfresh

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    Please elaborate on the chome in the cylinder bore being "toast" and still running without problem?
  13. Well it is beginning to get off topic but the better the engine usually the better the chrome plating in the cylinder. The Chinese engines are cheaper and thus the chrome plating is thinner and comes off easier through use and time. Usually when the cylinder plating goes you would want to pick up a fresh cylinder but my buddy is broke and stubborn and the opti 2 has so far allowed him to keep running that setup on his bike with no problems. When he build up the head kit for the grange race in october he put hi performance rings on his high performance piston....when he was telling some pwople the brand of rings he was running they implored him to check his head cuz thise rings ( I forget) r notorious for ripping the chrome off tge cylinder walls......I am sure you can find a thread or two about Chrome plating
  14. Barnfresh

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    Thanks Chris that's what I thought you were saying. The fact that the rings still seal and the engine runs fine after the chrome has been ripped off the cylinder walls certainly proves the Eutectic additives in Opti 2 work just as described......almost like magic!
  15. marc

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    its a 12oz bottle and it dos not say injector oil,but they have that allso.it says.opti2 is a semi synthetic blend that exceeds the highest worldwide performance standard edg++and is fully compatible with oxyngented fuels.word for word all i really can tell you is my little bike runs super good on it
  16. Barnfresh

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    It sounds like a very high quality oil marc. From everything I've heard and read I'm sold on it for sure. Thanks again.
  17. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Active Member

    This is my first Opti-2 fillup, so no long term observations.

    My Tanaka 47R engine never smoked and always had power. I bought it new; it's broken in, as I have almost 2000 miles on it. Rpms range from 2700rpm-8000rpm; cruising rpm is @ 7000rpm, where hp peaks @ 2.8hp.

    Since my original fuel/oil mix was 50:1, I knew there'd be less oil spray on my bike and my clothes.

    Sure enough, now there is less oil spray to clean up.:detective:
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  18. marc

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    ya thats another good point.no oily mess.plus it has feul stabilizers in it as well. i dont really know what that means but it sounds good.
  19. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Active Member

    I hope they DO have stabilizers. I bought a 4-liter jug;that'll last over 4 years!
  20. skipS

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    I have been using the generic version of opti 2 . its made by the same company and is the same stuff but its sold by tractor supply under the name Arnold. It comes in the same 1.8 oz packets and Is 100 to 1 ratio I paid 1.49 for each packet but the results have been great. The engine oil spray is gone, it smokes way less and although I cant say its any faster wide open ( my jetting is not perfect so it four strokes a little at wide open) its no vibration sweet spot speed is up 6 mph. . It used to be vibration free from 15 to 20 mph then it would vibrate slightly to about twenty five then vibrate more as i got over thirty. now its vibration free all the way up to 25 , 26 mph then only vibrates slightly to 32 - 35 mph which for my led sled is fine with me!. I cruise at 25 mph all day vibration free and am very happy.

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