Opti-2 oil


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Sep 18, 2021
What's your guys thoughts on opti-2 oil? & what mix ratios do you guys use if using opti-2 oil? I was thinking 24:1-32:1 ratios. I think this stuff is awesome in my chainsaws & weed eater. Does the CG engines benefit from it?
Ive never used opt-2 oil myself but this is what i use in the link below, on an engine that i have on a shelf in storage, (a really cheap Seeutec motor), i have 6,000 miles on it and it was running strong when i bought my "new" Zeda 80 a year and 4 months ago and have been running the same Amsoil stuff in it as well for almost a thousand miles now...lol...DAMIEN

Ps...I mix it 32:1... 4 ounces oil to 1 gallon of ethanol free gasoline in a gas can only, (never mix in the tank if you want to be able to shake and mix well)...Its also a smokeless oil.

Pss...I used to work for Valvoline for 20 years before i retired so i know a little something about oil...lol...Valvoline just doesn't make a full synthetic 2 cycle oil is why im using the Amsoil...The Amsoil is also a smokeless oil as well.

Yeah my friend is a amsoil rep/sales person & he swears by that dominator oil. He's always on me to switch everything I own to amsoil. Lol if I was rich I would run amsoil products.
I just mixed a gallon of sunoco 110 race fuel with 4oz of opti-2 oil for a 32:1 mix ratio, this made a big difference in the way engine ran & sounded. It runs smoother & engine is quieter.
I know guys that burn Aviation gas in their M/Bs

LL Av gas is like regular leaded gas from the 60s Aviation gas can be bought from your local small airport.
They sell it by the gal and ya don't have to have an airplane.

I called the small airport by me and they said they would sell it to me. But I need a pass code to get by the security gate.