Optima Dingo a good bike for gx35?

Discussion in 'Motorized Recumbents' started by aForcefulThrust, May 12, 2015.

  1. aForcefulThrust

    aForcefulThrust New Member

    Okay I did something crazy today and I purchased an Optima Dingo bicycle off craigslist. Would this be a good bike to mount a honda gx35 on the rear tire with GEBE kit?


    I believe I got a good deal on the bike it's in great shape for $950.

  2. Trike Mike

    Trike Mike New Member

    26" rear wheel?

    I prefer Staton, just because I think attaching a ring to spokes would be unreliable vs. a chain. Also Staton has a kit that attaches the engine behind the axle instead of behind your head. Just my personal design preference.

    Also, a short wheelbase bike would not be as stable as a long wheelbase at higher speeds. Looks like a nice bike though, I like the suspension.
  3. aForcefulThrust

    aForcefulThrust New Member

    Thanks I will look into the Staton. I see what your saying about fast speeds and I don't need to go fast. Just cruise a good effortless 15-20 mph would be great for me and enjoy the scenery Maybe I will look into mounting the GX25 instead of the GX35.

    I've only done about 30 miles on this bike since i got it a few days ago... and it's my first recumbent. Wow i love this bike. However i do wish it had a 26" wheel on the front too. bumps can be kind of harsh on the front tire
  4. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Go with the 35cc, you'll regret getting a 25cc. Remember the 35cc is only 1.5 ponies or so. 25cc is like 1.1hp. With these small motors more hp = smiles.
  5. troyg

    troyg Member

    There is a GEBE setup for sale here, all you'd need is the engine.TrikeMike couldn't be more wrong about GEBE, notice he says, "believe" that means he has no experience with them.GEBE is also the lightest drive system you can get, if it were up to me, I'd choose GEBE first, next a good FD.
  6. mtb29

    mtb29 New Member

    I have a gebe on my Bachetta Giro with 20-26 wheels and a regular bike with a Chinese 66 cc chain drive. Gebe set up far superior in performance and reliability.
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  7. mtb29

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