Ordered a engine from Staton and got it in 2 days!!!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by fall_down_stand_up, May 3, 2011.

  1. As much of a smartass David is,he does do what he says hes going to do....I ordered a R/S EHO35 engine and got it in 2 days....Man hes good!!!!
    I ordered a GEBE kit and they send it out right away,the tracking # says it will be here thursday so that is only a 4 day wait from GEBE....I have the motor setting next to me on the table as im typing and cant wait until the GEBE kit comes in so I can mount it up to my brand new Mongoose xr75 full suspension bike I bought a few days ago....The bike is Black and yellow so its going to match the engine perfect....I will post pics here in the next day or so as im doing my install....I orderd a rear 12 gauge rim,center mount kickstand,armadillo punture resistant kevolar tires and a few other things from my local bike shop and they should be in thursday as well....The armadillo tires are not cheap(they cost 45.00 each)....