Ordered a new NE-R

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by august, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. august

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    I just ordered a new NE-R.

    It is being shipped to me from the distributor because there are no dealers in Wyoming.

    I should get it on Monday the 12th of Jan.

    I am guessing from what I have read here, that this engine will have the good/better lifters.

    Is drilling and flattening the lifters something I should do with this new engine?

    Do you suppose the jetting is for sea level ?. I am at 6000 feet, so I am guessing I will have to re-jet??

    Will this engine have the carb restriction, and if so should I remove it?

    Not sure what the exhaust restriction is, if it is removed, does it make more noise?

    Would this engine have the cam advanced already?

    I am not looking for tons of performance, just want the smoothest, easy starting, best idling I can get from this engine. Although I am not above tinkering a little bit to make things work better.

    I have no experience with a Whizzer, so I have nothing to compare, but I will give some feedback when I get it and have a chance to ride it.

    It's taken me almost 60 years to get a Whizzer, but now I have one, such as it is. Not an original, but still looks kinda the same.

    I would appreciate any suggestions as how to set it up.

    Thanks August
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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Hi August,

    I can't answer any of your questions. I'm not a Whizzer owner. I don't think I've ever even seen one in person.

    But sooner or later, you'll hear from the Whizzer people here. They're gonna be interested in the NE-R.

    See you around.
  3. kbccycles

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    Howdy August,
    I think you will enjoy your new NE R. I have put about forty miles on our first NE R here at the shop, and I really like this bike. It is very smooth, about the only thing I have done to this one is opening up the carb restrictor. We are at sea level here and the jetting has been pretty good right out of the box, I would imagine you will have to play with the jetting a bit. The brakes on the NE R are excellent, mater of fact I rode our last 08 NE5 yesterday and I couldn't believe the difference in stopping power. Your definitely at the right place for any info regarding Whizzers. Quenton, motorbikemike, rdkryton, the information these folks share in this forum has really helped me get our bikes set up right, and keep our customers happy. Enjoy the ride. Kenny
  4. KilroyCD

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    August, I'll try to answer as many of your questions as I can. First, let me start off by saying that I have the predecessor to your model, the NE-5, so I have no experience with the NE-R.
    Let me start by saying that as far as the lifters are concerned, they should be looked at. Measure the bases with a micrometer. Quenton would be able to tell you if they would need to be modified. They are also likely to be too heavy, and drilling them would be the best thing to do.
    If you have the restrictor plate in place, do not remove it completely, but open the inside diameter up to match that of the the intake manifold. The restrictor plate istelf acts as a heat shield to help prevent gas from boiling in the carb.
    The hi-flo exhaust insert will have a rear opening around one inch in diameter. If the one in the NE-R is less than that, you have the standard insert. I'd strongly suggest the Hi-flo for the increase in performance and the sound quality!
    Here's where the biggest question mark may lie. At your altitude, you might need to re-jet. However, keep in mind that the NE-R has a radically redesigned head (compared to the NE-5), and I don't how that may impact the combustion of the air/fuel mixture. I'm inclined to think that regardless, with the thinner air at 6000ft msl, the bike might run a bit rich. If it does, try adjusting the air/fuel mixture on the carburettor before re-jetting. You may have to move the c-clip on the needle valve to the second notch from the top, or even top notch if the engine is running too rich.
    Good luck with your new Whizzer! We'll be anxious to hear your feedback.
  5. RusticoRay

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    Hi August,
    Congrats on your bike. I pulled mine out of a box I"d check over the bike parts also,my Ne5 came with several problems that needed attention. Front wheel was cranked so tight it sounded like there were stones in the brake luckily it didnt crush the wheel berring, I know the NE-R has a CVT but the clutch arm on mine was cranked tight no movement at all. Also missing the gold washer, neither Im guessing has to do with your drive train but check everything out. Loc-Tite.
  6. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi August,
    Congratulations on your first Whizzer.

    I will gladly share my knowledge with you. A few comments to help you get started. If your new bike has a restrictor plate, DO NOT alter it because it WILL Void you warranty.

    I have heard rumors that a "Leprecon" has visited some new Whizzer owners and enlarged the hole in the restrictor plate to match the hole in the intake port, but that may be a rumor. If a "Leprecon" were to modify the restrictor plate, the motor would produce a lot more power. Chances are when you call about the warranty problems you will be asked if you "modified the restrictor". It is possible a "Leprecon" noticed the CVT drive system consumes a lot of power to operate, and thought the restrictor modification would be a big help to get the heavier NE-r to proceed from a stop.

    Have fun,

    Chances are the muffler insert will be the hi flow version, and re-working the lifters might be something to consider to make the motor a little more responsive.
  7. august

    august Member

    Thanks for the replys .

    I think I am getting a feel for what I need to do. One issue not addressed yet is the cam timing.

    If it is not already advanced one tooth, should I advance it or leave it alone for now??

    What brand of carburetor is on these things. A Keihin (sp?).Would my local motorcycle dealer have jets, or would I need to contact one of you folks for a jet if I need one?

    Appreciate the help. Regards August
  8. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi August,

    Most likely the camshaft is already advanced one tooth. And although there was talk about using a quality Keihin carburetor, the only one I have seen were "knock offs". Over the last several years I have seen several different names on the carburetors, most were names very similar to the Keinin name.

    Carburetor jets will most likely need to be ordered via an authorized dealer, but can be ordered from SUDCO in CA, however the minimum order is 5 jets from SUDCO. I have a large supply of jets in stock if needed.

    Have fun
  9. august

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    I think I have a handle on things now, just need to wait for the bike. Guess I'll go stand out in the driveway and wait.

    Thanks Quenton, and everybody.
  10. Hal the Elder

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    Hi, August!

    Congrats on your new NE-R!

    The Mushroom valve lifters have a base diameter of 0.500", and the stock cylindrical lifters measure 0.392".

    The metallurgy in the Mushrooms is supposedly superior, and the valves will stay open a bit longer due to the cam lobe pushing on the lifter for a longer period compared with the stock lifter, because of the Mushroom's wider base.

    I am now in the process of installing Mushrooms in my "new" 2005 NE5, which was purchased last November with less than a mile on it!

    Good luck, and we all want to hear about that CVT drive!

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  11. august

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    Well, I got the NE R today. Cold and snowy and windy. I got the box inside the shop, it looked like it had seen some pretty rough treatment in shipping. Fed Ex.

    The carboard box was completely loose from the wooden pallet, and the bike was kind of leaning towards one side.

    The handlebars and instruments were broken loose from the tie wraps, and just flopping around next to the front forks.

    A couple of scratches on the chrome under tank covers, and the compression release lever was broken off. Thats the only significant damage I have seen so far. The scratches on the chrome covers don't matter, cause I think I will paint them anyway. The chrome looks kind of cheesy to me.

    The package which has the instruction manual and owners manual had a slip of paper stating that the carb has a # 82 jet already installed. Also included were two other jets, not sure what they are just yet.

    It does have the Keihin carb, and the leprecon has indeed been in there, as the restriction is not there.

    I haven't had the cover off of the clutch yet to see what it looks like, will do that tomorrow.

    All in all, I am pretty happy with what I see, the bigger 3 inch tires look pretty good also.

    The muffler has the large 1 inch outlet also.

    More to follow when I get further along.