Ordered bike and still waiting

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Neufcruz, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Neufcruz

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    ordered Fito GT last week and still waiting. I have called left messages, emailed and now voice mail is full. (Bike Buyers).
    Just would like a tracking number if shipped or some sort of status update. I figured i would wait till I get the bike before I start changing parts and or ordering stuff. Maybe Im not use to this type of service but when building my cars and or motorcycles, the vendors I use are actually there. they answer, they return calls and not some auto reply crap. I guess its a good thing as so far I'm only out the bike. Would have ordered everything already if ay of these places actually ran areal businesses. Sorry, just a little frustrated with my new hobby!

  2. dougsr.874

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    Try Bicycle-engines .com ....a good company and will answer the phone
  3. darwin

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    Did you buy using a CC? If so cancel it or dispute it. They have no problems answering when you order do they? How overdue is the bike?
  4. Neufcruz

    Neufcruz Member

    Ordered with CC. Was last Friday. Don't expect it to show up the day after but getting some sort of status or just a real person to talk to would be nice.
    If I hear nothing back by end of tomorrow then I might just cancel.
  5. Neufcruz

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    Awesome! they just emailed me to tell me that the bikes they had on the website that were available are in reality 3-4 months on back order.Not so awesome!
    So glad i didn't go ahead and start buying stuff to switch out or and engine!
    Canceled my order!
    back to the drawing board!