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    Hello, my name is Jarett I'm going to build a rear tire friction assist motorized bike, but before I purchase my long list on parts to complete my project, I was woundering about the laws here in Oregon, Particulary Medford oregon. I have my drivers licence and my motorcycle permit as well. Does anyone know about the laws? I've checked the fourms here and allso the web, Wiki does not specify the Oregon laws, just California and Washington.

    Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.:shock:

    heres a pic of my curent bike, witch i dont plan to use for the project, but its still cool.

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  2. 35cc is the limit for motorized bicycles. Over that and you need to register it as a moped.
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    So, if i put a 35CC motor on my bike, it will be okay for me to ride in the bike lane on the street?
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    As far as the state law is concerned. Check the Medford city ordinances - they may well be more restrictive. Just googled, and they are. See Medford City Code, section 6.430 through 6.460, here.
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    Hi, Jarett
    Go to the following link and try to figure out what your MB is:


    Good luck!
    I printed it out and keep it in my bike but I've never been stopped in Grants Pass area.
    Also, if you can believe it, you need to buy a license to ride a bike in Medford.

    Best of luck with your build!
    Steve G.
    Grants Pass, Oregon
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    Yeah, that's why I gave him the link. Worse, to get the license you have to be able to "prove ownership" of the bike. How do you do that if you've had it for a while, and didn't save the receipt from purchasing it?

    I first ran into that nonsense in Corvallis, in 1972. I had to go to the shop I'd bought it from (in Milwaukie, in 1968) anrd get a "bill of sale". Fortunately, the shop was still there, and the owner remembered my purchase because he and I spent a couple of hours figuring out a way to make the left hand grip work for a steel hook, about 4 months after I bought it. Not so easy with a big box store bike.

    Univesity towns often have horrendous bike theft rates, and enact some such nonsense in response.
  7. My car's tinted windows are also illegal, but I never got a ticket for them, although I have been stopped for other things. I'm inclined to go to a larger engine which I could always sell if caught.
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    I grew up in Medford and I've also lived in many towns in my life. Medford is, by far, the worst town I've lived in for the number of traffic cops and the overall attitude toward vehicles and traffic.
    Medford is not a college town and there's no good reason to have a license requirement for a bicycle. The real reason is to raise money. It's just another form of taxation. This tax is heavily directed at children and, ultimately of course, their parents/guardians.
    The "gotcha" lists in America today are staggeringly long and complicated. That's partly why I live in a rural area.
    The desire to run other people's lives is, apparently, overwhelming to most people who are drawn to public "service."
    I don't like the 'Nanny State' mentality. IMHO, it's creating a society of dependents who can't think for themselves.
    If you compare the character, skills, etc. of the average American today with the average American who was around during the Revolutionary War, I think the difference would be stark. Sadly, it's going the wrong direction...

    Steve G.
    Grants Pass, Oregon
  9. On the other hand, maybe it pays for bike lanes.
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    Bike LANES are part of the streets and are paid for with gas taxes. Bicycle PATHS are normally County or State funded projects that are paid for with special extra taxes approved by the people.
    Bicycle license fees pay for a City employee to issue bicycle license fees.

    Steve G.
    Grants Pass, Oregon
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