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    I saw one of these motorized bikes while on vacation in Newport, Oregon. I put a video up on youtube. So I got an 80cc Chinese motor and will put it on a Giant cross trainer road bike. I want to put one my full suspension bike for the heck of it if this all goes well!!

    Here's my inspiration bike I saw on vacation...



    I'll check back when I finish my first bolt on project. (Loctite anyone?)

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    hey Bronzebird, welcome aboard
    yeah huh, ya need lots o' loctite for these things
    glad you found this site, and I'm looking forward to seeing some pics of your builds
    good luck and happy motoring
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    Build progress

    First I found the angles are off on the engine mounts to frame. Did some mods to make fit tolerable and add lithographic printing rubber blanket pads to the frame of the bike. Vibration dampening and bike paint protection.
    Next had to tweak the ideler chain tensioner mount to align nylon rider to chain angle. Again used rubber/canvas plys to protect frame and dampen vibration. Used locTite to seal the deal on nutz and boltz.
    I have about 3 hours into the project. Spent about 30 minutes fixing the chain break attempt. I noticed after the chain break that the inside pressed hollow pin was not seated to both links. Had to build a pounding block with large washers to accomadate link support to reseat the pin. Could have been disaster waiting to happen if I did not catch the defect. Chain would not have last very long and Bang!!
    Throttle control and drilling locator pin hole in handle bar was a breeze. Installed handle on bar. Rotated the pin clamp and twisted back and fourth a quarter inch and put a wear mark on the paint. Then drilled hole on 1/8th inch to right of mark for free play at end of handle bar. Ran throttle cable out the left side from carb and around goose neck with perfect cable length!!
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    Final adjustments and test ride...PICS?

    Got everything mounted, alignment tweaks, and head torqued. Very glad to have purchased the 3/8" drive torque wrench and found the sensitivity user friendly on new motor. Torqued to 12.5 foot pounds on the Craftsman wrench.
    Mixed the fuel at 8 ounces per gallon or 20:1, primed the carb, set the choke to 50%, pedaled down my drive way, turned onto the street, eased out the clutch, puttered...gave a little throttle and Sweet Music to My Ears!
    She's ALIVE!!
    Cruised about 6 times up and down my block around PM and the noise was not to bad, really. Waved at the neighbors and goosed it a little...Nice chuckle from the on lookers. Finally put her on the kick stand to cool off. With the fuel turned off.
    Went over next door with a couple of cigars and smoked my second stogie for the year. We talked about all aspects of marketability. While puffin in the lounge chairs. He then pulls out a Jesse James Chrome Chopper bicycle and glorify future plans to install one on that! Then 2 more on lookers join the conversation and are brought up to speed on the subject at hand.
    So, I end up getting the project back on the road with another demo and offer for someone to try it. I had one taker and he was hooked. Wants me to install one for him, but maybe I'll just assist for liability reasons. I ain't touching any wrenches (c.y.a.)
    Then about 2 hours later I re-torqued the heads, which needed it. Checked and found nothing else loose. I used LocTite to seal the deal on all bolt on's including carb mount and float bowl screws. I'll keep checking for Looseness before each ride.
    What else can I say, except COOL. (means SICK!)
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    Break in going smooth

    Here is a pic of both sides of the bike.

    Rubber printing blanket material on motor mount and chain guide can be seen in some pictures. No rubber break down from metal clampage. Clutch arm was rubbing on chain guard, gentle modified with a screw driver and hammer. Sheet metal on guard bends nicely. Exhaust baffles were drilled out and then subsequently plugged with screws, washers, and bolted tight, and loctite on clean threads.
    I bought a new Bell gel and air cushion seat. Only discomfort now is the tingle in the hands after a 10 minute ride. Riding for 30 minutes has got to be numbing? Installed headlight and handlebar mirrors after these pics were taken.
    I'm hoping I do not have a run in with the Police here in Salem. Today is the start of the State Fair and was thinking of cruising over and around the fair grounds. I'm sure there is Cops on bikes and I'm really apprehensive in having to explain what it is I'm riding. After reviewing the Oregon guide to O.R.S. I'm convinced that they left the motor assisted bikes off the list because it is not a "Moped" because of the human powered propulsion from the pedal system. The electric bike is on the list and less than 20mph, bike helmet, and less the 1k watts is just like a regular bike. Why is not MB listed...Legislative bull **** of not upsetting Oil investors is my first guess.

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    Looks good.Are you coming to the rally in Oceanpark Washington on the 30th and 31st.
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    Who is sponsoring the rally, MB.com? Sounds like fun, what is the itinerary?
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  9. Bronzebird

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    Very Cool

    Sounds like a great place to immerse into the world of MB. I'll be looking for the group on Saturday after noon.
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    Welcome aboard and we look foward to seeing you at the rally!
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    Yes...see you there..
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    Missed the MB rally because of a blown muffler

    Muffler baffle welds gave out on Saturday Morning with new NGK plug test ride :(
    The tail pipe and upper baffle were vibrating and loud exhaust because of the blown fit. The lower baffle was still bolted with allen screws and were not loose. So I ended up torching the oil residue on parts so I can try some aluminum brazening rod for a fix. I have four aluminum screws plugging the holes that I drilled into the baffles. Which I'm sure stressed the weld when drill on a bench with wood blocks. The screw plugs accepted the aluminum rod and made a nice radius fillet. I pulled the exhaust tube up and in to old weld seated position. Pulling action made the nice radius support.
    Rode the bike today after reseal the exhaust head with high temp gasket maker. I let the bike sit for 24 hours and re-torqued the exhaust head bolts.
    Test ride was soothing...nice and quiet with no rattle trap sounds!
    Here is a few pictures:
    Pic#1. oil ratio was 16:1 with Homlite chainsaw oil and Chinese plug.
    Also NGK plug head is shorter than Chinese plug. New gallon mixed at 25:1 and will make a new comparison after this gallon is used. Test ride seemed a little more spunky.

    Pic#2. Bottom view of weld that adhere to aluminum screws and surrounds the loose tail pipe. The pipe is solid now! (for now?)

    pic#3. Bluing of the chrome from the weld job with ever thing installed for a perfect fit. Note allen head screws in clutch cover and exhaust tip. Will eventually replace cover screws as needed.

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    Fourty minute ride

    Longest ride to date. And the new fuel oil ratio is working well with the NGK plug. I have 50 miles on the HT/trip meter. 288 on the life time of bike/odometer.
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    1hour 5 minutes and 20 miles later...

    Longest ride and only saw one cop. I rode through downtown Salem and was surprised that most bike lanes just disappear and leave you hanging looking in the rear view mirror. So I had to ride on the road and push my little HT up to 25 mph for a half a block at a time. Climbed my first steep hill at about 12% grade for 5 blocks up and up. Then cut over to Minto Brown city park. Just turned around and headed south on Commericial most of that has a wide bike lane. Safety issues were the infamous y intersections to crossover to stay on arterial. Then crusied about a mile down hill. Clutch pulled and motor off. The last 5 miles my helmet started feeling very uncomfortable. I got home and see that some plastic strap is not padded. I'll trim that up to prevent that most distracting discomfort. Legs felt a little tired from supporting weight. The air/gel seat was most comfortable, padded weight lifting gloves took care of the handle bar vibration. If the exhaust was quieter that would be my next goal then I can see riding longer. My ears are kinda ringing from contiued exposure. Short rides I do not notice any noise problems.
    Got several comments " I got to get one of those!" I passed all bicylcist out of the bike lane which meant I had to time the pass with traffic. I saw one E-scooter. Not a bike at all. And he was in the bike lane.
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    Glad everything is working out.You should come ride with me in Woodburn.L's of back roads with no traffic. P.M ans we can set a time up for a ride.