ORline motoe parts...please

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by TWCT, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. TWCT

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    I Have resurected my 1967 ORLINE friction drive motor and installed same on a TREK mountain bike frame.
    The engine is new, really but the diaphragm for the carb charginbg process is now non-elastic. I'm searching for a source for that critical part, a source for future parts needs, and also for assistance in spark plug removal. The Champ CJ 6 that is inatalled is , lie, frozen in place. When i attempt to remove iot the whoe cylender head rotates.
    How do I isolate the cylender head to accomplish the plug removal?

    I am folowwing the Owner's manual and have mixed up a gallon of 22 to 1 fule mix. But starting is sometimes a hopeless activity. Many pulls and no ignition. Any advise?

  2. SimpleSimon

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    Well, if the head rotates in relationship to the barrel of the engine when you try to pull the plug, that engine is toast. There cannot be any head bolts or studs left in it. Also, pull starting that thing, in the absence of head bolts/studs, ought to have blown the cylinder head right off of it. That it didn't suggests that it has zero compression. I'd suggest you tear the entire thing down to its individual components, and check each and every one of them.
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    For the holding of the head -- you can buy a rubber strap tool -- (prox 1" rubber strap with plastic handle).. As SimpleS has stated above -- something sounds strange here -- let us know what you find.. Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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    Check here for gaskets & a few other parts. Also, you can manual downloads from there.
    I have never needed anything but carb gaskets, plug, & a condensor. TOUGH little engines ! I just don't understand the part of the twisting cylinder head,,, but that sounds bad. You could spray PB Blaster, fromn Auto parts stores, around the plug threads & let it soak for days. If you take carb apart to clean, watch CAREFULLY for the little ball & the way the small lever part is situated. Loose the ball & you are in BIG trouble. Poor spark can be the condensor.