Orline/Ohllson & Rice? Chicken Power type bike motor

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    Motor is early 1970's 1 HP. These motors were also used on chainsaws, small gensets, hedge trimmers,. water pumps, & outboards,
    More pix[​IMG]
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    Hello Esteban, welcome to realm. I have an incomplete, newer version of this motor and am looking for parts. Do you have any suggestions as to where to look for them? I am missing the little gear that fits on the engine crankshaft that mates with the larger gear that is on the shaft that rubs the tire.. Also the gearcase cover. My engine is a pukey green and the fanshroud is more angular than yours, not as pretty.
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    I have seen the dull green versions of the kit. You could try here;
    http://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/default/,, for parts,, keep an eye on ebay, under Ohllson & Rice, or Orline, or Chicken Power, searching all three topics. I think most all parts are interchangeable, but have seen different versions of the gas tanks. I'll keep my eye open as well. GOOD LUCK !!
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    im the one who just bought it off of ebay do you know where to get parts at
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    gotta love that engine powerd skate board
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    I have the Generator, I forgot about that thing, I will look for it. I also remember a strange two stroke engine I had, I will have to look for that. I found paint cans for the house original color I used 34 years ago. I gotta clean this place up. I didn't see the engine, I will find it. Have fun, Dave
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    The generators are seen fairly often on " the Bay." They will usually fetch near $100. If it has been sitting awhile, expect a carb/fuel pump cleaning & a diaphram to get it going again. These little engines are " TOUGH AS NAILS ! "
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    Chicken Power Bicycle Engine Parts

    Just purchased a Dealer's inventory of Chicken Power Bicycle Engine Parts

    Check out website www.bikebug.net

    Let me know what you need and how we can help. Also have parts diagram and manual for engine.

    BITW (Brothers In The Wind)

    Mike Schneider
    713962 2681
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    O man what a blast from the past!

    That is awesome! A self-contained bolt on kit with a front roller drive. Tires with center ridges or smooth top mountain tires are about $8 still.

    Why doesn't anyone sell something like that now! You could easily hit a low price point for mass production, and I doubt that design can cause an endo if the motor fails. (the clutch would just slip, like a hard braking action, and probably still just turn the motor over some).

    The closest thing I've seen is the new Staton or BMP kits with weeder motors. Someone front racked one, so its possible.
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