Other (not bike related) engine projects

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    I had a lawnmower with a rotten deck there a few years ago but held on to the engine which was running grand (5.5bhp B&S vertical shaft) so a few months ago I ordered a pressure washer pump with this fitting which cost $100 US with shipping, got the lance and knobend from a local supplier and made a bit of a frame out of bits of scrap and a length of box steel.

    The thing works quite well except for being a bit hard to start, might add a key start later and I would trust this engine that I used for many years more than I would some cheap bargain basement Chinese one if I bought a pressure washer. It worked out at about 120-150 euros cheaper than buying one so I'd say it was worth the trouble. Even if the engine packs up there is no shortage of lawnmowers with rotten decks around the place.


    I might make a log-splitter or hydraulic power pack next when I'm finished with the MB and if I can get a nice Honda GX200 or similar engine

    anyone here have any similar projects?