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    I know we are a visual group. "Post Pic's" etc. I branched out a while back , spread my wings upon this big blue planet.
    I was suddenly awaken by the fact that I am years behind within the bike building world.

    I started a Facebook page a year ago promoting my chopper bikes. Since, my eyes have been opened to an
    amazing world of bicyclists. Not bike forums, but individuals like you and I with a love of building. Groups of thousands out
    enjoying a ride. Nearing 1300 contacts, I am able to view their photo's and bike builds. Holy @%*! have I got a lot to learn. The fact that I've
    accumulated 1300 friends in a year tells me they are curious about our technology on this side of the globe.

    This thread is meant to be a link for knowledge and get ideas from others around the globe. Also aiding the need to feed our brains of things visual.

    I know most of the bikes here are not motorized. But we are all bike and frame geeks dreaming of inserting an engine. This thread is mainly
    giving you a contact to the outside world of frame design, and bike/frame builders around the globe. Have fun... graucho

    I have over 4500 photos so far. I'll feed you a new group every week. Keeping it fun... graucho

    Here is the start of the links.

    Batch #1 and 2 Give it 4 seconds to load.

    http://s284.photobucket.com/albums/ll13/grauchosbikes/Bike around the world/?albumview=slideshow

    http://s284.photobucket.com/albums/ll13/grauchosbikes/Bikes around the world2/?albumview=slideshow

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    Thanks, graucho. I'll be hitting these links the moment I finish this post.

    If anything, I'm more interested in un-motorized bikes. But I find the motorized crowd to be, on average, more likable than the bicycle purists.

    But I'm definitely interested in seeing who else is out there. So, on to the links........

    I'm back!......some pretty imaginative stuff there. I'm glad to see that there really are people out there who love the bicycle.
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    Thanks bluegoatwoods... Keep coming back. I've only scratched the surface with over 4500 photos. Many to come are jaw dropping talent.
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    Graucho, I too enjoy the beauty and art in bike fabrication, from the un-motorized pedal pusher to the 1 liter choppers. Thanks for the eye opener, and you can count me in as a FB friend. Ride safe, ride smart, ride free.
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    There are some truly beautiful bikes in there!
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    Thanks Graucho... cool bikes, its nice to see other creative bikers doing there own thing there own way.
    Vive La Differance!
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    It never ceases to amaze, the billions of different ways one can express the bicycle...
    Very cool
    How bout throwing in a few of the more creative Moto bikes?
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    All of my worldwide biking friends that share their photos with me are non-motorized bicycle artists.
    I guess we have to stick with the creative folks here at MB.c http://www.motoredbikes.com/all_albums.php
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    Absolutely brilliant pics...Thanks.
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    Dude... great pics...
    ??? What ??? no ultra cool high tech high buck ultra zoot foreign motos to eyeball,<sniffles> I'm hurt...lol
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    Ohhh Maaan... Now i gotta go build something more inventive and original...
    Thanks Graucho!