Otrange moon dog paint match?

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  1. ratty

    ratty New Member

    I really dont like the black and orange paint scheme on my doggies; it's a little too 'Harley-ish' for my taste. Has anyone had any luch matching the metallic orange color on these? I want to paint my fenders and gas tank the frame color. TIA!!

  2. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    You're very unlikely to find matched paint for a dept store bike. Your best bet would be to pick out a new color and do the whole bike over again.

    Remember to reinforce those fenders or you'll eat pavement sooner or later.
  3. ratty

    ratty New Member

    Oh, I'll come close one way or another. If I cant find it in testors or any other spray bomb color, it'll be time to go to an automotive paint store. I'm sure they will have something. I will keep my progress posted.
    Thanks for the heads up on those fenders. They look really flimsy, and I will address that issue before I ride.
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