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    " A word on safty , read and understand all the safty rures that come with your power tools" N Abrums
    On to subject, while grinding on a part for "OVERKILL" my grinder jumped(I was like a fool, holding ig with one hand) the problem was i was holding the part with my other hand, whitch was in the way. For future refrance, your skin is not any comipition to an 80 grit flaper wheel. Luckly wy wife was a screem,cry,moan away. no, i have no stiches, when you sand the skin off there is nothing to stitch to. Its not as bad as it sounds. just anoying.

    the moral to this story... BE SAFE:oops:

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    Been there, done that, I once sanded my thumbprint off with the stupidest tool ever invented- you guessed it, a belt sander.
  3. The other day I was trying to spread a U bolt a bit out so it would fit into this little slot I drilled out trying to make a front mount. I ended up not using it but anyway when I tried spreading it with pliers I grabbed the other end with my finger and that finger got all jammed up between the U bolt and the pliers. So I spread it a little more and I pulled it out but for a moment there the pain was pretty intense.
    Funny though I didn't get bruised.
  4. Well I can honestly say "OVERKILL" has cost me blood and sweat, and hearly tears. This is not the first time i have hurt myself, high I.Q> does not eleminate you from shear stupidity.The smarter you are the bigger the mistakes, Tesla,Einstine, Etct....
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    i was grinding something at work with a brand new wheel in the hand grinder the part was in the vise as i was grinding i let go of the trigger and bent over to look and see if the part was flush and stopped the grinder wheel with my knee. a pair of coveralls and two pairs of track pants were no match. left a 1 inch groove about half inch deep in my knee the doc said 1/4 to the left my knee cap would have been gone. 19 stitched in the meat and 10 to hold it closed resulted in a very visible scar lol
  6. Scars Kool I hsve many I consider them reminders of how easy absentminded ness can hurt. BTW i think i am going to get a foot triger for the grinder, a 4.5 inch hand( lol the name fits) grinder
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    I had a date with a beltsander once. I can empathize with you pain and hope you heal up quick.

    I think my worse shop accident was a hobby knife rolling off the table and landing square into the top of my foot. I was barefoot of course. It went in a good depth.
  8. I gotcha beet there while playin with..... I mean sharpining my "cold steel" voyeger ( high end 4" picket knife for you non knife nuts) I droped it in to my rt foot 5 stitches later I was thankfull fora very sharp knife!!!!!
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    Sanders, grinders, pliers mere child's play. Try a chance encounter with the carbide tip of a 1/4" slot cutter at 25,000 rpm. I still miss the end of that finger.
  10. KERF you win, Ouch. the sad thing is as a child the worst thing that happened to me is that i cut my foot. as an adult i have broken two fingers under a wheel chair bus. droped a large knife in my foot, blew out my rt knee, nemure kuts and abrairons. the older i get the more dangerous to my self i become, but i realy have fun doing it. Does that make me sic?????:evil:
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    Sorry, gents, but none of you have any right too complain.

    Don't mess with washing machines, they have a vicious bite. One got my left forearm and hand, when I was 12.
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    Sounds like old Mammy Lucy, caught her boob in the wringer washer.:smile:
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    Nope. 50 lbs of soaking wet sheets and linens, in spin cycle at 800-1,000 rpm, is a heck of a lot of torque. Sheet wrapped around my hand and wrist, twisted my forearm in half like you'd twist a green stick in half.
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    Back in the day the Rootes group - later taken over by chrysler built a car called the Humber Sceptre.

    97.1cui engine (1600) - 85hp with a 6 speed transmission and all the gauges you could want for. Good for 95mph and priced at £998 plus purchase tax in 1963 when a house went cheaper than that.

    Fast forward 36 years and I owned VFO486 - in two tone sage and velvet green and I was fiddling around in the engine bay...

    Reached across and pushed the button on the solenoid to start the engine which promptly roared into life at a heady 900rpm... just as I felt the merest brush of something on middle finger of my left hand...

    That would have been the plate steel fan blades then... I didnt need to be taught that lesson twice..

    Jemma xx
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    Yep, body parts and rotating steel do not play well together. My problem was when I got back from the hospital, I had to crank that same machine and get back in the saddle again. Made for an interesting evening.
  16. " A word on safty , read and understand all the safty rures that come with your power tools" N Abrums

    He says it at the beging of each of his show "new Yankey Workshop" and it stands true no mater what kind of equipment you work with.
    I said it before Il say it again, BE SAFE
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    Ever notice that wood shop and industrial arts teachers are often missing fingers or parts of fingers?
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    Cabinet shops are completely full of machines that are designed to cut, mill and create general havoc. Many safety features are great, except you can't work with them attached, I have my hands close to disaster all day, nature of the beast and if I'm not mistaken, Mr. Norm is carrying a few scars as well. It's not the blade you see that gets you, it's the one you can't see.
  19. this is my little ouchie

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    I hear ya, kerf.

    I had to walk past that washing machine to get to or from my bedroom - no other path was available. Not too mention, with 7 of us in the house, laundry was each persons own responsibility. After 4 weeks in hospital, and 4 more weeks in traction on a day bed in the living room, I started using my bedroom again.

    My Dad had been a working cowboy, and his attitude was always - get back on the horse. My Mom cried a lot, I know, but she was adamant - I had to do for myself. Putting that first load of laundry in that machine was very weird. I am very glad now that they took the approach they did.