Our 'new' Whizzer's

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  1. akyramoto

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    Just got these last week, they're awesome! Cant get over how cool they look. My BF's co-worker got one, we really liked it so we went & found some!! and we got a pair at that!! very cool. good times!!

    so here's a couple pics, the red one is my BF's, i get to ride the blue one, and the black one is my BF's co-workers - check out his temp plate!! haha!!!
    yes i should be wearing a helmet in that one pic - but i was in my drive way - not out & about.

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  2. OMG Whizzers OMG I want one OMG!!!

    NICE collection!

    I love that license plate idea. I need to do that.
  3. astring

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    I test drove one but decided against it when I learned that it has to be licienced and insured.
  4. akyramoto

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    they're not required to be insured in CA, but you do have to have an M2 license & get one time ($17) plates for them.
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  5. But the sound. The sound. Even if you have to register and insure,I'm sure it couldn't be that much... I don't much know about the insurance part though.
  6. akyramoto

    akyramoto Member

    ya they sound really awesome. I'm not much for the sound of 2-strokes. the Whizzers are actually pretty beefy sounding for their size, plus they just look so cool. def head turners!!
  7. bluegoatwoods

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    I'll go out on a limb here and suggest that a helmet is not an absolute necessity (with proper riding, of course)

    But those flip-flops on your feet! Shame, shame! :)

    And, yup, they are great looking bikes.

    Maybe I'll get one for me one day.
  8. akyramoto

    akyramoto Member

    hehe!! i know :)

    i should also mention if you plan to ride in shorts - be careful - i burned the inside of my thigh on the exhaust in that pic!
  9. Accender

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    Very nice bikes indeed!

    Now I want one to!!

  10. JE

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    Very nice here is my Whizzer I got a couple weeks ago.

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  11. akyramoto

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    i love the red stripe on your tires, that makes it look rad
  12. akyramoto

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  13. JE

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    Thanks.I wanted to change the look up a little.I also blacked out some of the Chrome and had the motor modified a little.
  14. MarkM

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    What do Whizzers sell for? MM
  15. JE

    JE Guest

    $1595 new
  16. KilroyCD

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    Oh, the sound! Yes, the sound is great, especially if you have the hi-flow insert in it like I do. At low speeds it really has a throaty pitch.
    Large, as to the question of insurance, I only pay $75 per year for mine, and it's not even basic coverage.

    Akyramoto, your Whizzer looks great, and between you, your BF and your friend it's a cool collection. I really like the NE5 in blue. Mine is black with cream fenders. I also added some retro touches to mine.
    http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z21/KilroyCD/My Bikes/100_0946.jpg

    Enjoy the ride! :grin:
  17. cesspool72

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    my new whizzer

    Here is mine i got a couple wekks ago.wish i had a couple more!

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  18. sjackson

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    I love that rack! did that come with the bike, or did you add it? I need one like that.
  19. akyramoto

    akyramoto Member

    i just noticed now that your belt cover is painted black too! very cool

    we took the whizzers to the local moto show today. got a pretty good response!!! alot people were very interested in them!! here's some pics of them on display. ( we actually entered them, but we dont know what the results were because we left early)....oh in the afternoon we had swung by the coffee shop next to where they were getting ready to have the moto show - the people came over & asked us 'please bring these to the show, they're sooo cool' and the flyer actually said on it 'if you have a Schwinn bicycle with a motor on it, bring it!'

    good times!!

    .......sorry uploading more pics now :)




    another motorbike!!


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  20. BoltsMissing

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    A Class all on it's own, a real and true motored-bike.