Our 'new' Whizzer's

Just got these last week, they're awesome! Cant get over how cool they look. My BF's co-worker got one, we really liked it so we went & found some!! and we got a pair at that!! very cool. good times!!

so here's a couple pics, the red one is my BF's, i get to ride the blue one, and the black one is my BF's co-workers - check out his temp plate!! haha!!!
yes i should be wearing a helmet in that one pic - but i was in my drive way - not out & about.


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OMG Whizzers OMG I want one OMG!!!

NICE collection!

I love that license plate idea. I need to do that.
I test drove one but decided against it when I learned that it has to be licienced and insured.
they're not required to be insured in CA, but you do have to have an M2 license & get one time ($17) plates for them.
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But the sound. The sound. Even if you have to register and insure,I'm sure it couldn't be that much... I don't much know about the insurance part though.
ya they sound really awesome. I'm not much for the sound of 2-strokes. the Whizzers are actually pretty beefy sounding for their size, plus they just look so cool. def head turners!!
I'll go out on a limb here and suggest that a helmet is not an absolute necessity (with proper riding, of course)

But those flip-flops on your feet! Shame, shame! :)

And, yup, they are great looking bikes.

Maybe I'll get one for me one day.
hehe!! i know :)

i should also mention if you plan to ride in shorts - be careful - i burned the inside of my thigh on the exhaust in that pic!
Very nice here is my Whizzer I got a couple weeks ago.


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