Our Pit Bike

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    My father and I needed a pit bike of some kind, we started to build an old school mini bike but after finding about about Motored Bicycles we went a different rout. We have had a blast getting this thing going.

    My wife took this one while we were camping at lake Guntersville on labor day week end. Pop and I got to play with it a good bit in the camp ground until we gutted the muffler. ;)

    We are going to fab up a fake gas tank to cover the one that came with the kit, we want a 1920's triumph look.

    We really did take it apart to paint it...

    OD Green.


    66cc's of power!!!

    We probably butchered a vintage bike somebody would have like to have had. It was a Chain Bike Corporation bike made in New York from the late 60s or early 70s. The bearings were stamped "MADE IN THE U.S.A." When was the last time you seen that on a cheap bike?

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    good start.
    If a engine will fit on a bicycle its fair game. After all we are just improveing them.