our take on a 29" onyx

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    so my whole friend group is getting motorized bicycles off me. This is first of four, it started with the typical 29 inch Genesis onyx And a blacked out 66cc engine from piston bikes. We removed all the stickers and added purple accents ,a purple chain ,a speedo, front brakes , these funky bars (she likes to kicker her feet up on the bars for I made foot rests /down hill café bars)purple grips, a 3 piece sprocket to hub adapter and of course a guardian bell IMG_20141229_150258_290.jpg IMG_20141204_173432_925.jpg IMG_20141120_130102_722.jpg IMG_20141120_130114_871.jpg
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  2. KCvale

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    Spiffy, you used a MM sprocket adapter to get around the 'too many spokes' problem.
    Nice job.
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    I like the dual position bars. Reminds me of the Mary handlebars used by mountain bikers.