Oury Grips to Replace Throttle grip

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  1. kulturalist

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    I have got some Oury grips that i want to put on, and for the left one its a simple swap, but as for the throttle, has anyone ever done a replacement/swap, can you give me any advice, pointers, or tips?

  2. GearNut

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    I find it easiest to cut the old grip off with a razor blade. Start at the thumb side of the grip and work your way to the end. You do not have to cut through the grip and into the plastic sleeve part of the control, in fact I recommend avoiding cutting the plastic sleeve.
    Start with cutting the thumb ring all the way down to the plastic sleeve, but not into it. Next do a shallow cut all the way down to the end of the grip and repeat with another shallow cut again , only spread the grip open along the cut while you are cutting, sorta like peeling a banana in a mid-evil way.

    I use Aqua Net original formula hairspray as a grip glue for installing the new grips. It acts like a lube for installation, dries in a few hours, and sticks forever.
    2 or 3 sprays down inside each grip, and one on the bars too.
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