Fuel Mixture Outboard engine oil?


Minnesota Hyena

I'm using 2cycle outboard engine oil which says it's for watercooled and high revving engines.
is it ok to use it on my bike engine?
hiya, kavid2007, welcome to the forum :)

how about you tell us...engine type? age/miles?

i'm in break-in with a chinese "80", i use briggs & stratton easy mix, real oil intended for lawn equipment and such. i think what you're talking about has different properties, maybe someone else knows for sure.
I'm 22 years old and live in Twin cities in Minnesota.
2 weeks ago.
I just got myself a cruser from Target store and bought a 80cc engine kit from Kingsmotorbicycle and succeded installing and all...
I got surprised the engine started!!! and it moved my 200 pound ass!!!
anyways i finished break in like the instruction said don't ride over 15mph for 50miles. and today i decided to rev the engine all the way up and see how fast it can go... but when the bike was going at full throttle for 5 seconds and it made wierd gear crackling nose and hard vibration so i slowed down.
and after that I keep getting that wierd griding sound from engine and bad vibration whenever i try to go lilttle fast like about 20mph...
I think i might have broke something inside the engine like bearings or piston rings something like that...
I feel worried about the engine.
I'm going to ride more to see if the engine is alright.
hmmm does the place you got the motor from have a warranty?

I heard that the break-in period is 500 miles, although I certainly didn't wait that long to get my bike up to full speed...
maybe it's my fuel line.
i changed it to silicone one with 3mm inner diameter.
the original one had 6 mm diameter.
it might be too small for the engine.

Back on the oil...I wouldn't use the outboard oil if I were you. If you look on the container it will say "TCW" which stands for two cycle water cooled. The oil for water cooled engines is different than the oil for air cooled engines because the water cooled outboards run cooler than our air cooled engines. You should be using oil that says "TC". Any of the oils designed for air cooled motor cycles or weedeaters and such should be fine.