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    Yes, we do have hills in Kansas, and I've spent most of my seventy years pedalling over them. Now that it takes as much to fill up my Ford van once as it does to buy a good used bike, I'm going to explore alternatives for powering one of those I already own. I like the idea of building a pusher, probably a gas 4-stroke with an electric start. I have four garages full of salvaged parts, so I'm excited to start looking into the possibilities. I've looked at many posts on MBc, but haven't seen too many pushers. Any advice is welcome.

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    hey wray; there is a picture some where here of a very nicely done red pusher hooked to the seat post. an easy build would be an old mini bike and a briggs. mitch
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    Hi Mitch, Thanks for the tip. Have any of you guys used an electric start Snapper mower for any kind of conversion? I have two of them, one with a Briggs and the other is Tecumseh. I think both are about 3.5 or 4HP. Both are self-propelled with small gear boxes and belt drive, which I think I could rearrange to give me the necessary torque. I would like to get enough to go 25mph at least, and get me up some of these hills. Any comments appreciated.
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    Yes you do... The Flint Hills are quite striking...
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    welcome to MBc

    :shock:Hello charles and welcome to MBc...first look in here ...http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=4770&highlight=weed+wacker+engine at the top of the page i ran a search on weed wackers and a whole page comes up this is just one of them...good luck on your endeavors and happy motoring...i know there is a thread on the Tecumseh...good luck on your endeavors and happy motoring..:grin: