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    G'day everyone,
    This is my first post on here, and I would like some help with solving an issue with my bike. Its an 80cc ebay buy, was very happy with it for the first few weeks, but then it began to play up. I have done:
    1. Removed the head to check for problems
    2. Replaced the carby gasket
    3. Replaced the exhaust gasket
    4. Started to run less oil rich fuel.
    The Problem:
    The bike, once started doesn't sound like its revving correctly. When riding it, full throttle is relatively slow, the bike just revs super hard but doesn't go any faster, then begins to slowly die and stop. It takes quite about 10 minutes to restart the bike after this, which makes me think overheat, but then sometimes feels as though it isn't sparking, but when testing, it does spark. My next option I feel is a different spark plug, and see what sort of difference that makes. Occasionally, the bike starts and acts as it did for the first few weeks and runs fine, then start it again and we are back to square one. Surely someone has experienced this, living here down under im sure our temperatures do not vary as much as yours, so am sure that temperature isn't playing a huge role.
    Any help would be appreciated as I have done a fair bit of mechanic stuff, but this has me puzzled.

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    First off welcome to the forum, lots of help here.
    Second however is don't call it an 80cc, there is no such thing, you have a 66cc Happy Times, Stinger or BoyGoFast E-bay kit.
    That sounds like your clutch is slipping, check the posts here about how to adjust your clutch, the Forum Search is your friend with this.

    Well, if you are riding around over-reeving your engine of course it will overheat, but not just that it is gobbling fuel like crazy, maybe faster than fuel system can get it to the carb.

    Absolutely a good spark plug helps, the kind of cheap help you can actually feel!
    I put an NGK 5944 aka BPR7HIX Iridium plug in every new 2-stroke I build.

    SickBikeParts has them here

    Again welcome to the forum and sometimes frustrating world of DIY motor kits ;-}