overheating!?! not sure what the problem is

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by akyramoto, Jul 1, 2008.

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    Our red whizzer ( 2005 NE5 with bout 1000miles) started running weird last night. Steve rode it over to the bank which was about 3 miles away. It was in the evening so it wasn't too terribly hot - but he said about every 1/4 mile it would just sputter like it was running out of gas & die. Then if he let it set for about 5 minutes it would fire right back up. Any clue as to what this might be?

    The only think I could think of was overheating, but it was alot cooler than other times we had ridden it with no problems. We typically cruise at about 28mph.

    Most likely we will be taking it down to Mike to have it looked at. I know on this bike there was an upgrade on the head - the fins are taller than on mine.


  2. I would check fuel flow. Maybe plugged filter, tank not venting, etc...
  3. akyramoto

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    ya we talked about that maybe being the problem.....i've read some people drilling a small hole in their gas cap for venting.

    probably replace the fuel filter first & see how it runs.

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    sounds alot more like fuel than it does anything else either that or there is an intermittant electrical problem but it sounds too regular for that really...

    Have a look at both, it might also be worth taking the head off to see if there is any evidence of overheating problems..

    J xx
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    Another thing that can cause this is the fuel boiling in the carb.
    Did you remove the restrictor plate? This happens if the restrictor is removed. This plate helps insulate the carb from the high heat of the engine. If the plate was removed, open up the hole in the center to match the intake on the engine then reinstall. You will get the heat protection you need that way.

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    I vote for a fuel problem too. First guess would be the filter. The vent can cause it but it takes longer. Try opening the tank to let the pressure out and see if it does it.
  7. akyramoto

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    got the new filter - luckily the auto parts store had one that was identical to one on mine. we're gonna switch it out & see how it runs.
    As far as I know the plate in the carb has not been removed....
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    I took the stock 22mm carb off mine and replaced it with a 26mm carb - the fuel was boiling and I was having the same thing happen - so I bought an aluminum manifold (like the ones they put on the 2008 models) and milled and tapered it - put it on - and it STILL boiled the gas. I put the "modified" restrictor plate back on and no more gas boiling - runs like a champ!
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    I noticed your comments about the head having larger fins, if the head was purchased from Woodstock, it could possible be warped. I have several of his earlier heads and found it necessary to re-surface the units because of a poor grade of aluminum used. I use a piece of marble and 220 sandpaper to make sure of a complete seal.
    Many on this site have commented about "boiling" gas, and during recent tests I discovered it is important that the restrictor be installed and it does matter where it is located. If the restrictor is located between the cylinder and the manifold, it will reduce the tempature, if located between the manifold and the carburetor, it allows the manifold to run hot and the retrictor plate will not work as well to control the tempature.

    Hope this infromation is helpful

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    we replaced the fuel filter, but found out that it wasn't getting gas to it. So after Steve pushed it home an quarter of mile - he took off the gas tank & inspected the hole for the gas line, cleaned that. Also took apart the 'petcock' valve ( i think thats what it's called lol) and made sure that was clean too. Put it all back together & could visibly see gas flowing freely through the filter & was ready to ride. Runs great again. Still probably going to take it down to Mike & Have him take a look at everything.