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Ow Am Ya? From England



Ow Am Ya? Translates as how yall doing in my part of England. (Close to the home of Ozzy Osbourne.) Im hooking up a Honda GXH50 to a Swinn with a Grubbee II. And am taking it torussia, china and maybe mongolia, nepal, india, pakistan, iran, turkey, greece, bulgaria/ macadonia, bosnia, coatia, sloviana, italy, france.

Ive done long didtance rides be for 2000 miles + England to Prtugal and Whales to Germany without engines so if you guys have any questions about touring camping eg the rough way I could be the man.
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Roy Carpenter

Ow Am Ya?

Well...We be fine and dandy...hunkey dorey, copethstetic, peachy, and all those groovey things!!! How You Be? Welcome aboard Fireball Jones, from Roy out of Indiana.:D
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Dec 15, 2006
welcome to MBc ! :D
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