owi on my gary fisher,(gt-4 66cc)

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    hi ive been fighting an owi for 9 months in fond du lac wisconsin, ok heres where im at , dmv said no probable cause for arrest administrative law judge didnt revoke my probation (yes unfortunately on probation for driving offenses) and quoted several laws that seperate motorized bikes from motor vehicles . but this circuit court judge just will not let it go.ive done my homework and found several stats that seperate my bike from a motor vehicle (thanks alot to this forum) but this judge still doesnt get it . id say to all be carful all it takes is one ******* to twist the law and use ignorance to really screw with your life. any additional help at this point would be greatly appreciated

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    In PA there is no OWI, it's just DUI. But I know for a fact that anyone operating and kind of vehicle (bicycle, skateboard, etc) with or without a motor can get a DUI if they are intoxicated. A while back I read about someone on a horse getting a DUI. I don't remember the details or where it was, but I thought that was a little bit unfair since the horse can somewhat get around without being in your total control.

    But in PA that's just the way it is. Like it or not, if you disobey the law & you get caught you will pay for it.

    And besides, it's really not a very good idea to be riding around on a motorized bike while intoxicated anyway. I know I'm not the only one here that has that same opinion.
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    not an excuse i guess but only blew a .03 legal limit is .08 but because of a prior owi i got charged anyway