OZ Magneto - well, that's not supposed to happen


Aug 14, 2017
So, bike took a crap on me when i was trying to head out to work. We've had a lot of rain lately and just figured it was water left in the stator side of the case - even after *thinking* i sealed the focker like a locker or when ut started, it ran high idle and on it's own, went to shut off and back and forth and back and forth (high low high low) then no matter how far it rolled, it wouldn't start at all.

If could find my meter, I'd check without swapping parts. Nope, gotta work the hard way.

First swapped the zeda super cdi, thinking too much heat killed that part or rain or both, whatever. swapped to a stock cdi, still no go. I should have left the stock cdi wired on, but i just took it out to prep to wire the super cdi back in (like the smart guy i am). So gonna throw the stock cdi back on in a sec to eliminate whether or not that it might be the super cdi.

Went to the stator side, removed cover, pulled super mag and began inspection. Didn't seem like there was anything out of the norm visually, just seemed odd that the unit "wiggled" when back and forth pressure was applied to the arms. The coil seemed a smidge loose then i saw that it was slightly raised on the 'key'. Played with it more and it came apart/seperated.

Tried putting back together and it wasn't sitting flush and i saw some bits of plastic being push in the way. Used my handy dandy gerber mut's file to get the excess plastic off and made flush again.

Used parrot-nosed grips to "press" back together and now it sits slightly lower than flush, but, back together again.

I will let ya'll know of the results, if it was just the magneto being out of alignment or otherwise.



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Jul 23, 2012
rivet in 2nd pic doesn't look like it was seated all the way, but just mechanical problem, so should work fine when all is tight