P J O'Rourke's take on bicycles and lanes.

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    I remember well the golden age of the National Lampoon. P J was one of the shining stars of that staff.

    Out of sheer gratitude I've payed attention to him in recent years.

    But the sad fact is that he's lost it. He's just not funny. This article in not the first one that's made me think so.

    Even if he's not trying to be offensive, there's just not anything clever about this.

    Please, PJ, either improve your act or start looking for another career.

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    Thinking about it a bit more, I've come to wonder if he ever really was funny. I assume so because the Harvard Lampoon and, later, the National Lampoon were.

    Maybe Doug Kenney and the writers and artists they later hired were the real stars of the show and PJ was just along for the ride.

    I guess there's no way for me to tell. But I miss Doug more and more.