p.n.w.- riders. second annual national rally, ocean park wa. 2009!

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ok here we go gang, back by popular request , the thread to get it all started again for next year! im quite excited about the posibilitys for next year after how well the comunity recieved us, front page paper ect, & lots of talk about town! as some of you know the peninsula is a great vacation destination, with a vast array of amenitys to choose from, the more of us that are involved with makeing this great event weve created happen the better! this year will be the same, no politics, or vendor booths. this is all about the ride & the great bikes & minds who build them! so lets get started throwing ideas around ect & get the wheels rolling for next year! same as last year i offer my place for tent space, garage for bikes, & even a flushin toilet! after 10,000 + views of last years event i think we may have started something here!! motoredbikers of the world unite!!! :):):):)
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I still don't get the "no vendor booths" thing. We almost didn't show this year because of that. It's not like MB vendors are hard sell or anything. In fact, the few items we did bring got some folks back to riding again.
all things will be up for debate & discussion, lets not get in to big of a hurry! i think a rally comitee of serious people who want to be seriously involved needs to be formed to work through the planning stages of the event. i for one am quite burnt out on all the politcs of late, & so loved how we all came together as riders & left all our personal political opinions to ourselfs! i for one whould not mind a good old fasioned swap section thrown in to the shindig!!! but thats just a voice of one, i could be wrong. lets get some more input & see where this goes! we got all year to plan! motoredbikes rock!!!
to address selling: i know y'all don't always give me enuff credit for thinking things thru, but here goes...

for an event to survive as it grows, the organizers must consider the impact on the local community.

ever since i moved up here, the 1st annual just started happening on it's own, i went with a very karmic flow...we still are in awe of the MB-karma at work in ocean park. now, take note that as i pimped the rally, i usually pimped the "rod-run" which is the following weekend. providing you see why i chose the labor-day weekend, there's your selling opportunity...providing we've managed to maintain a mellow relationship with the community, a booth at the beach-baron's showgrounds will more than pay for a vacation here. the rod-run draws an international crowd, it has for years.

to bottom-line my personal input: there's more to something like this than most participants will be aware of...please consider sticking with "plan-a" as one that's proven itself as doable in the long run. please bear in mind that this is our neighborhood year-round...truthfully, if i ever get a sense of our rallies becoming a local burden, i'll lobby to relocate future runs.

NO politics, NO sales. right now, with MB's, they're one & the same. get it? and either will interfere with the fun of the ride. maybe after 5 (ok, 3) successful and consistant events, we can explore expanding to our own grounds...guess what? sales & swap-meet! til then, let's do be serious about how a successful event is put together. this is way more than a hobby for me. i believe we can turn the ocean park MB-Rally into something major over time. imagine 4 "waves" of 25 MB's each, headed for leddbetter...

btw-a private swap-meet at wavy's isn't out of the question, but i really don't think we should be throwing any "commerce" into the official event/ride until we've proven ourselves. and i'm open to another date, providing we remain commerce-free. it IS about the ride, anyone who returns for '09 is aware of that, and will be here with bells on :cool:
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in general: figure out the weekend that's working for many folks, enuff to be bigger than this year's...try to accomplish that by early spring.

accomodations can be casual, i don't think our numbers will overflow the area/room we have for campers & bikes.

i'd like to see a few early arrivals, food and road-sign and safety and whatever committees/volunteers.

whatever the date, i'm game for doing my part if everyone can keep this plan moving forward & productive.

those who just wanna ride & need to know dates and (possible) costs...stay tuned for details :)
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yes, "committee"...i can do it myself agin, but i don't wanna.

ocean park house-rules: lights and helmets, no sales & no engine-politics. a private swap-meet is a good idea. any public "commerce" changes the tune drastically, this is a tourist-supported area, so fees and permits are required for booths and such. as we make the rally a regular-success, we can grow into more activities...there's a park across from the elementary school, used for larger events, we can get there someday.

other than that, it's up to you guys...get a date worked out and we'll set you up locally :cool:
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Hi All A garage after hour swap and sale looks good to me .I do think something sould be kicked wavys way , After all its his garage...(Date) after july 4th and before laborday works for me . (family stuff).. I had A great time this year and look forward to next year...Thank for letting me ramble..Bill Green
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