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  1. iRide Customs

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    It's kind of funny to stand back and watch it all happen again. Why is it always centered around one person? Some people just need to mellow out.

    Ban me again if ya want. Delete this thread if ya want. Freak out again if ya want. Lock my account if ya want. I am simply using my 1st amendment right...freedom of speech.

  2. augidog

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    dan, i don't even work here, anymore. your little visits to take shots at me speak more about yerself than about me, eh?

    so, it's not really a matter of things being centered on me so much as me being the most vocal about issues that affect us all. that's the way i see it, obviously we disagree. so ban me.

    here's my response to the thread:

    don't rely solely on the OP folks to get'er dun...if you want a rally here, see if anyone has connections to the moose's...they have a grand little facility here, and the local org's are dying for lack of fresh blood...maybe win win win...and if too many won't try to rely on too few, maybe there won't be too much "centering" on one person for everything in the future (zing!)
  3. iRide Customs

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    I only have one word Aug....karma.
  4. graucho

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    PLEASE! All you guys/gals having issues within the P.N.W. Riders group handle your matters in PM's or better yet, in person.
    Why? must the rest of the MB world be subject to the P.N.W. neighborhood's issues. I like you all as individuals but those of
    you bickering as a whole really sucks for the rest of us. For Gods sake set up a round table meeting with all involved and hash through this mess.

    Here's a PM message I had with one of the P.N.W. members about issues I have here. Steering away a 100 young up and coming members from my area.

    Originally Posted by graucho
    Hey *****. I have a bad taste in my mouth in general. I too have my own agenda to think about.
    I'm very near having my first group of kids coming through my shop. (june18th)
    As part of the next generation of bike enthusiasts comes through the door I needed a safe "on line" place for them to expand their biking knowledge while they learn from me. I have decided against MB.c and found them another safe haven with another bike builders site. http://forum.at**********.com/ (only 5% motorized members) there they will be in the company of the greatest DIY bike builders in the world. A place where the mood is alway sunny. I had dreams of making it MB.c but I can't do it to them yet. So.....anyways.

    I needed to find another nesting place for my up and coming crew within South Metro Customs. All builds will be custom, To start them off NoN-motorized. Everyone will be 12-15 years old and some of the pompus a$$es at MB.c will eat them alive and spit them out and leave a negative bicycle taste in their mouth if they hung out there. I can't afford that dealing with kids/youth.
    At least until they mature enough to feed them to the MB.c wolves.

    You may ask.... just dont read the threads? I wouldn't but the little jibs and jabs come up all the time in many threads. :boxing_smiley: Stand back and look at this from an outsiders viewpoint. It's effecting us all.
  5. bluegoatwoods

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    Another aspect of Graucho's point about taking these arguments private is this; we can see that there's some bad blood because the jabs are popping up all the time. But it's not very clear just what the argument is about. It wouldn't even be any of our business, except that our noses are being rubbed in it just about every day.

    No one wants to live in a world where snipers pop up and shoot someone, apparently at random. We don't even know who's side these snipers are on or why they're fighting.

    It's a waste of forum space and of forum members time.
  6. augidog

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    ah...would that peeps could overcome the fear of face-to-face and realize the long-term benefits...i'd been reduced to begging for a meeting up here, fully confident we could have gotten thru it. sadly, outsiders (non-members & non-riders) have had more influence than they should have been allowed.

    finally, we agree on something.

    i've done my personal best with the blessings and curses god gave me...not many can honestly say that...and i won't apologise just because my personal best falls short of other's expectations.

    here's another word: compassion.
  7. bamabikeguy

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    I second the motion. I don't know if I'm an outsider or an insider, but having a feud in public opens it up for critique, and being neutral, this whole sniping thing looks ridiculous.

    Neither side is winning any sympathy.

    What the heck is "The Woodshed" about except to move this ******** contest?

    I don't tell anybody locally about the forum, for the same reasons as Gaucho.

    I have 7 words:

    "Videotaped paint ball or super soaker battles"

    At least THAT would be entertaining.
  8. augidog

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    sympathy and compassion are different, i've learned a long time ago about the myth of sympathy...

    and the outsiders i mention are local OP residents, sorry if that was vague. i believe the local scene is irrepairable, but it doesn't mean it's not re-buildable. however, i think the movement would do well to look elsewhere for "MBc Central"...this is not the wonderland it seems...one man's obsessive enthusiasm does not paradise make, tho it was fun while it lasted. imo, this town doesn't deserve the MB-notoriety.

    i chased the OP-guys around here because i couldn't rope 'em in locally, and i have (finally) seen that it's useless...

    so i'm trying hard to let go of something that's no longer a positive for anyone involved. if certain peeps would quit picking at it, and others would quit re-stoking it, i could prolly get out of the way & stay out of the way.

    i've been slowly gathering the parts to do a major full-suspension re-build of sabrina, despite appearances that is my priority...and i am pretty doggone psyched about trying my hand at a true custom job. i just wanna lurk "the garage" for info...but i'm admittedly not capable of ignoring someone coming along to get a last kick in while they think i'm down.
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  9. bamabikeguy

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    I just noticed at the bottom of the homepage, it's your birthday today, so I'll not only give you sympathy, you old dog, I'll kick you while you're down, BECAUSE you're a couple months older than me.

    Nothing is as cleansing as a 10-20 day trip to the unknown, you advised me on the pup tent and I'll advise you on the adventure of a long solo ride, meeting strangers then leaving them in wonderment after a fun conversation.

    Fishing and canoeing in Alaska would sure tempt me if I was up thataway.... do it while you're still young (which you are NOT!)

    Anyway, birthday discombobulations to you. :jester:
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  10. bluegoatwoods

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    You ought to know, bamabikeguy, that at our stage of life being wished a happy birthday is a lot like being kicked when we're down :)

    Shame on you.......
  11. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    wAiTaMinUte, WAITA&()*&MINUTE.

    May 21, 1957???

    I just put on my reading glasses !!

    @@**%^#, I'm 1956.
  12. Pablo

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    I just want the world to know the PNW is a VERY mellow place.

    These folks don't seem so argumentative in person. I would have a beer with each and every one of them. Or as a group!:tt1::detective:
  13. wavygravy

    wavygravy Guest


    ok everybody lets take our chill pills & go back to the shop for the weekend & build! the pnw riders will see what we can do to compromise our way through this delima! pm me pnw riders as im staying in my garage for a while & chilling, i hope others can do the same while we try to get back on track! peace all!!:grin5:
  14. quay1962

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    :idea:???Hi guys,
    I have an idea that might tell us which way to go this year...?
    To all the local Ocean Park crowd, how bout we have a bbq May 30th at the center and discuss our differences..? Anyone who is free that weekend is more than free to come just rsvp here i guess? We have been running on hearsay and inuendo and just plain meaness in some cases...call this bbq a dress rehearsal to see if we can occupy the same space and get er done! By then we should know if we can continue? GUYS WHATA YA SAY?
    We were on the mend in the rally thread until someone antagonized the thread without really reading the words!!!!
    I feel helpless this time and I have even asked people for help that I would never have asked cuz I really am at a loss:sweatdrop:...crying:icon_cry:...
    Happy Birthday Augi
    http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=18153 this thread still stands right?
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  15. augidog

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    doo doo doo doo doo...

    it's just another day.

    but thank you to those who noticed.

    bama: they say math skills are the first thing to go. yup, a long ride is way overdue for me & sabrina.

    local riders: can we still do this? as a team, maybe yes.
  16. quay1962

    quay1962 Guest

    I and Beachcruzin say yes...what say you to bbq the 30th?
  17. augidog

    augidog New Member

    maybe too early to set a date? maybe mid-june?

    for my own good, quay, i'm best off waiting for rsvp's before i get my hopes up...

    what i will do is re-declare everyone welcome & see what happens.

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