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    Looking to organize a ride for MBers in Pennsylvania (as the title indicates); obviously we can't ride on the highway with our bikes but I'm willing to try to organize a meetup anywhere relatively close.

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    I dont know how you could unles you ride on back roads since it looks like most ppl in PA don't have plates and it'd impossible to get em unless you do

    1. The vermont route
    2. buy an old moped frame and cut the VIN and stick it on your bike

    I'd ride though, theres another guy from whitehalls and a couple ppl from bethlehem I've seen.
  3. Diamond Back

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    I am from Stroudsburg, I would love to meet others and your bikes,,, My name is James and not sitting on my high horse,, but I know a lot and I mean a lot when it comes to these bikes in building, modifying, porting, engine repair and more power ect.ect.ect I am serious,, Does anyone need help with anything ??????

    I would love to get all of us involved in Motorized Bikes together one day soon for a possible Bike Meet and Show where we could eat at a Dinner and have a possible bike name is James and phone and text number ..570-801-5443...text any time 100_0233 (2).JPG 100_0245 (2).JPG
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  4. I wish you were closer to Erie Pa or I still lived in Philly cause I'd definitely meet up.
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