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    I am new to motorized bicycles, I am more into motorcycles. However, my dad gave me a bike he put together from a Walmart Schwinn but never rode it. He decided to go electric and didn't want it anymore.

    These are the pictures of what the bike looked like when I got it. However, I changed the forks, stem, handlebars, seat, tank, airfilter, exhaust and stand, there maybe some other items too.

    I will post a video of the finished bike idling in the video section of the forum labeled Pa Newbie

    Edit: Link to video thread

    2013-11-15195816_zps0b0327d0.jpg 2013-11-15195833_zps8f20b5cd.jpg 2013-11-15195936_zps2103c996.jpg 2013-11-15195845_zpse366d7e4.jpg
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    Welcome to the forum. Your dad fixed you up pretty good with that thumper motor and shift kit.
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    Where at in PA? Lebanon here.
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    I am in Bethlehem