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    Saw pictures of Pablo's (your amsoil guy) rig on another (oil-obsessed) forum (where he's VERY post-prolific) and ordered a typical chinese 70cc in-frame kit. Should be here in a week.

    Will be putting on my old college MTB unless I can find a cruiser locally. Your photo section is very inspirational; cruisers just look so good with that one-lunger bolted in.

    Am no stranger to bikes; had a paper route as a teenager and took mountain biking for phys ed credit in college... pounding the hills of upstate NY. :D No stranger to cars either having reringed a few saturns, done head gaskets on chrysler k-cars, changed a transmission, etc.

    40 MPG from a saturn is good but not enough, I want to stick it to the man and turn the screws. :evil:

    Of all the $10 bikes I've gotten at yard sales, am chagrined the craiglist bikes are $75 and up. Perhaps if one feels their bike is special enough to advertise, they want more? :confused:

    LOL at all your sprocket smileys.

    Maine seems to allow 49cc and 20 mph with no registration, insurance, helmet, or inspection... as long as one has a valid permit or license of any sort.

  2. WELCOME to MBc eljefino! You've made it home.
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    Hi Eljefino. And welcome from a (relative) newbie. You'll like it here. Fun and informative.

    And you're right; cruisers look the best with engines. And I've always favored mountain bikes. But cruisers win this one.
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    Was looking at the cheapo bikes at Target, not that I would buy one, but to see what's in fashion now.

    Funny how the cruisers have enormous aluminum down-tubes, I can see how/why the sino-motor needs mounting modification.

    Funny, also, how bike snobs berate huffys etc for their solid steel construction that weighs a few lbs more, but this site has no predispositions on everything the snobs hold dear. Bargain basement derraileurs (I may or may not learn how to spell all the french junque) etc don't phase y'all b/c you pedal five seconds a day. :smile:

    Back in college I was in the clearance bin at Bike Nashbar (this was 1995 and the web was nascent) and I rather enjoy the free (thrifty) spirit of adapting junk this place embodes.

    My wife and I pretend to be hippies and her 30th birthday is coming up. She's kind of expecting diamond earrings but I'm more practical and this bike is going to be her present. I'm going to get a plaid blazer at a thrift store and play Monty Hall with her and the garage doors, shoot video, and if it's funny put it on youtube.

    "What lets you have the wind in your hair, gets better mileage than a Prius, costs nothing per year in insurance/registration, and doesn't leave horse**** everywhere? Let's look behind door #2"...
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    Brilliant! welcome aboard you will love it here! all the info you could ever possibly want is right here for you, and if its not just ask there will be somebody who can help, good luck with your build
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    So here's the MTB frame that's my backup plan if I can't find a good cruiser.

    AB Barracudda, AB shaped like "american bandstand"... whavever that is

    pulling the knobby tires, I don't need the rolling resistance LOL

    pic 1
    pic 2

    As you can see the frame is sqooshed but in the right direction, if the front clamp is long enough it will def be wide enough IMO... probably 7/8" thick at the most.
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    Welcome to the forum.

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    G'day & welcome.
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    Welcome to MBc! I agree that the cruisers look best with one of the little engines bolted to it. I have two of them (plus a Whizzer) to back that up. If you ghave a hard time finding a reasonably priced one, there are some tips. Check your local thrift store(s). They do show up at thrift shops from time to time. Check for a Huffy Cranbrook online or at K-Mart or Walmart. granted, not the best bike, but a friend of mine has over 2500 miles on his Cranbrook with a Dax 70cc, without any structural problems (that's a lot of vibration for the frame to endure). The last suggestion is to join Freecycle (if you aren't a member already) and post that you're looking for an old cruiser. I scored a '62 Schwinn Corvette that way. Everything through Freecycle is free, and that's the best price. I don't necessarily want to post an outside link here, so if you need Freecycle information just private message me.
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    Welcome to MBc.
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    dumb question but the right place LOL:

    How slow can you get these things to go with the clutch still fully engaged? Bet the slow idle sounds nice and cammy and sick.
  12. That MTB frame should work no problems. Front tube may be slightly thick but easily compensated. I assume your going with a Happy Time? (Chinese 2 stroke frame mount)
  13. With my boost bottle I can absolutely CRAWL. Without it it bogs a bit till you go past 5 or 6 mph.
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    Hi Eljefino. Welcome to MBc! Home of many answers, and awaiting your ideas.
    Were here for each other! Enjoy! :grin:
    Like Large above, with the boost bottle I can putt along about 2 mph.
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    it's a bit thick...

    Hello and welcome to MBc!
    in my opinion, the main tube is too thick, my suggestion is to go to garage sales and make a stronger better bike, i will attach 2 thumb nails of beach cruzin, my hubby with his 26" roadmaster with a thatsdax 70cc, he maybe spent 50.00 on paint and the bike and me with 26" huffy style... a ch80 cc here is a link that i found with great difficulty, as this post kept erasing... some where it says not to drill thru the will break as these things.. they vibrate, allot! well good luck and happy motoring! my next build will be one of these: the tanaka 32 2 stroke...

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    Welcome to MBc. :cool:
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    Kit came in; installed, bike runs. Fun.