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    Hi Folks I'm new to forum and just bought a pacemaker with incorrect motor, has a H installed, the frame is a 51 I believe serial # is 7855 which would be a 300 motor, which I don't have. However I do have a J which I could use. Also the frame has been repainted none original. Value wise which direction would be the best to go use J or try to find 300 or leave as is?

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    1950Right.jpg MVC-240F.jpg Hi JimT,

    Without a doubt, the best way to go is 100% original.

    The easiest way to tell the year of the Pacemaker is by looking at the frame. The early 1948 had a "loop" frame and a bicycle seat. The later 1948, 1949 & 1950 had the "loop" frame and the seat was mounted via 2 large springs and the nose on a pivot bracket [see my 1950 Pacemaker].
    The 1951 & later didn't have the "loop" frame and used the "300" and later models used the"700" motor.

    An easy way to tell the 1949 from the 1950 is by the rear brake, as the 1950 had the 5" Whizzer rear brake, and the 1949 used a coaster brake. Only difference between the 1949 & 1950 was the motor, and the rear brake, otherwise they are the same frame.

    Another important note concerns the actual motor used on the 1950 and 1951 Pacemaker. Although it is a "300" motor, the section below the flywheel is different. The motors used on the pacemaker model had a short area [where the serial number resides] under the flywheel and looked like the "H" crankcase, whereas the "300" kit motors [#351XXX] looked like the "J" crankcase with the "kick-starter boss" at the rear of the case.

    Hope this helps!

    Have fun,
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    Thanks very much Quenton the info does help I believe my frame must be a 50 the same as yours
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    Only difference between the 50 and 51 frame is the "loops" at the rear. The loops surround the rear axle. The 51 and later didn't have the loops.

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